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In depth...

In this page you will find important headlines of what your favourite characters did by mistake and think no one knows.

September 26 - 2002 Garfield ate a mouse by mistake and realized he will never make the same mistake again
September 26 - 2002 John Arbuckle actually found a date ( it seems the agency described him as a macho man and the girls came running; they are in for a big let down)
September 26 - 2002 The three little pigs decided they would move into a city so that they would be miles away from the wolf
September 29 - 2002 The ghostly trio decided that it wasn't normal to actually fly from one part to the other of the earth so fast. They say there is only one logical reason ... they have hidden jets stuck to their body.
September 29 - 2002  Diddle is not ashamed of showing his feet anymore, he decided that he's going to wear shoes and tell everyone that he likes buying extra large shoes
September 29 - 2002 Tweety decided that next time "the mean putty cat" tries to eat him, he isnt going to be so nice. He's going to defend himself using very harsh words.
September 29 - 2002 Lolla Bunny decided that she was going to dump Bugs Bunny for a while and try something new.
September 29 - 2002 Uncle Scrooge Mc Duck decided to make a charity for all the poor children in the world. He himself gave away $1 500 000 000 000.
September 29 - 2002 Spiderman faced his worst fear and went to his enemy's son to explain that his father was the green goblin and he died trying to kill Spidey himself.  

September 30 - 2002 Goofy wanted to try a cast. Instead of on his leg, he managed to put it on his head somehow. The problem is that it doesn't come off anymore. Doctords say that it isn't a bad situation and that they'll cut the cast open as soon as they figure out the difference between it and Goofy's head.
September 30 - 2002 Simba decided to hide some terrorist from the US government. Unfortunately for the terrorists, the jungle was in a period of drought and the lions ate them to survive.
September 30 - 2002 Veronica Lodge decided to abandon all her luxurious ways and to act like other kids. The first thing she did was jump in the mud after a very "sweaty" football game. Doctors are checking if she is ok.
October 1 - 2002 This date was mistaken for October 31 by witches and wizards, so they created panic in New Plymouth thinking it was Halloween.
October 1 -2002 Hello Kitty is so obsessed with her name that everytime she greets any of her cat friends she says : "hello kitty".
October 1 - 2002 Buzz Lightyear decided that the space adventure business wasn't for him anymore so he retired. He is now replaced by an exact clone which everyone calls Zzub Raeythgil.
October 2 - 2002 Today Donald Duck surprised us all, he didn't throw a tantrum but instead he threw all his furniture out in the yard and back in.
October 2 - 2002 Batman decided to reveal his true identity
... to HIMSELF
October 2 - 2002 Snoopy and Woodstock are touring the US so if you see a dog and a bird together, be sure to stop them and ask their autograph.

September 1608-  Pocahontas finally knows her true path,the stupidest path of all--> Rolfe
April 17 1999   Snoopy threw a dog dish at Charlie Brown's head because Charlie forgot to feed him.
April 18 1999 Snoopy eats the whole of a Thai girl's birthday cake because he was so hungry

May 1999: Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid) finally can't stand it anymore and secretly orders a seafood dinner with lobster bisque and smoked salmon and caviar and...In the midst of his barbaric dinner, guess who walks in???

March 1610: John Rolfe totally TOTALLY embarasses Pocahontas by ruining the American Indians' spring festival. (He sings just at the moment of silence). Enraged, Pocahontas agrees to let Nikoma's husband beat him up.... <heh heh heh>

2nd June 1999: Poor Charlie Brown's hopes are crushed when he bakes a cake for the little redheaded girl and Lucy steals it to sell and make money for herself because business at the psychologist's corner is a little down.

5rd June 1999: Lucy, encouraged at the success of her stolen-cake sale, decides to start a lemonade stand. However, the prices are so high that no one will buy any.

9th June 1999: Lucy has made far too much lemonade and no one will buy it. She's in a dreadful mess since she borrowed money to buy all the sugar from the Insane Evil Goddess' little shop. Not knowing what to do, she goes to Charlie Brown and tells him, "You have to help me."
I know you won't believe this, but when he heard that, good ol' Charlie dug in his pockets and handed Lucy all the money he had, and all he could say was, "Good Grief."

10th July 1999: Lucy gets a picture of herself to give to Schroeder. Unfortunately when she is on her way to his house, Rerun throws his muddy shoe at it, since he is now the leader of the Toddlers' Union and the Toddler's Union is on strike.

15th August 1999: Linus' security blanket accidentally went to the wrong washing pile -- and, shrunk. Linus had to go to the hospital and stayed there for five weeks since he was so insecure. It took five weeks since Mrs. van Pelt couldn't find EXACTLY the same blanket for two weeks, and then when she did, Peppermint Patty took it and tore it up to tie around Charlie Brown's leg which was broken, according to Marcie.

3rd November 2002: Johnny Bravo, after finally realizing the truth, applies to a dating agency. The dating agency informs him that to see a profile of a particular woman, it takes $3000. Alternately he can come to the monthly soiree for $700. Now, since we all know Johnny does NOT have anywhere near $700, it's obvious that he'd better give up. But he does not.

4th November 2002: The cute little girl next door to Johnny has promised to give him all the money she has in her piggy bank on one condition: he must marry her when she's grown up.