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"Anaya I TOLD you that you should learn to type properly," said Melana. She
was mad.
"I did type everything properly!"
"Oh yeah SURE..."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"I bet you are purposely betraying our family for that IDIOT Hadji! Don't you
think I understood how you gave the opposite command to completely destroy
the equipment needed? Not to mention you permanently destroyed our line with
the real world? We'll never get back to our time! We're stuck here till we
die." Melana started crying hysterically.
"And now the only way we get back to our own time is by begging Lord Snoopy,"
said Melana, crying even harder. "If we stay here I'll kill myself, and if we
go back with His Eminence's help father will kill us. Oh, what do we do, what
do we do," She was choking and completely out of her mind. Anaya started
crying softly too.
"No more civilized food,"
"Or bath," sobbed Melana.
"Or clothes," she continued sadly.
(Hey Suthi this IS a Disney thing, so there must be singing, and I plan to
make it more pathetic than it usually is)
"INSTEAD OF 'YOU' WE HAVE TO SAY 'THEE'" continues Anaya with the song.
"We're like two shooting stars, we've come too far,"
"I wish we could go back to where we used to be,"
(and so on. I can't write songs, but I'm sure you can imagine how pathetic it
is to see Anaya and Melana in those gowns singing and crying. I've used
Aladdin's "A Whole New World" for this, it kinda fits, if u reverse it, don't
u think so?)
Smith comes in and finds Melana in hysterics and Anaya crying softly. Melana
throws herself in his arms. "Oh, John, something terrible happened to us,"
"Uh huh, I noticed. Do you mind letting go of my neck?"
"No, no, I can't let you go, please, --"
"Melana," snapped Anaya suddenly. "Just because we're cut off from our family
and world it doesn't mean we don't complete our mission or betray the great
Ghengis Khan clan."
"Oh, right. Yeah. Sorry, John."
"I would prefer if you called me Captain Smith," said he, narrowing his eyes
at her.
After Smith finally managed to snap the twins to come to their senses, he
told them to explain the whole thing. Smith didn't say anything for 10
minutes. Melana couldn't keep her eyes from him although she tried hard to
look in a different direction. Smith finally spoke.
"You know the only way out to this whole thing is to beg Lord Snoopy for
mercy and help. I have heard what troublemakers you both were, but Snoopy
still has a soul to forgive. After all, you two didn't kill anybody yet. So
go ask the Lord Snoopy for forgiveness."
"That'll be a dishonour!" shouted Anaya.
"It's the only way" said Melana sadly.
"Oh, all right if we have to, we have to." replied Anaya. The twins left
Smith and go by foot to see Snoopy. On the way Melana suddenly burst out
"Oh! What now, you so called tough descendant of Genghis Khan!" said Anaya
"After we go to our time, I'll never see Smith again! And he'll go back to
that Pocahontas!"
Anaya was getting irritated and said, "I thought you said that love doesn't
exist in you! And what is this Smith business? So what if you have to leave
him. He never loved you, he cares for that Indian girl. If you marry him,
from then all your life will be housework! No adventure! No revenge!"
"Ha! It's O.K. for you because Hadji has to come with us since he came from
our time." shouted Melana. They try to reach Snoopy and the gang center. They
didn't know where exactly to go, but they knew that it would have to be a
hotel where very good food was sold, because Lord Snoopy was famous for being
a great gourmet. So they looked at a few hotels and found nothing. At the
fourth one, Anaya and Melana had a talk.
"Melana, have you considered that we can't carry out our mission if we beg
Lord Snoopy for help?"
"Of course I have, but we have no choice because we can't go back if we do."
"But if we go back without carrying out the mission, Father will kill us."
"Hmm. You have a point, Anaya. I know! Let's first carry out our mission and
then when we change history we'll pretend to repent and Snoopy will send us
"You're trying to find a reason to stay with Lover Boy Smith, right?"
"You're trying to find a way to go back with Lover Boy Hadji, right?"
The twins glare daggers at each other.
"Alright, Anaya, let's be honest with each other and we'll reach a
compromise." Said Melana through clenched teeth.
Anaya gave a deadly glance. "Fine. What I want is Hadji to be my toy instead
of that Elise having him, and I want to change the world by changing the
history of Virginia. Then after we rule for a while in the past I want to
take Hadji with me back to the future. Period."
"Well, what I want is to spend my life serving John." She looked dreamy and
sentimental (NOT at all like a loyal G. Khan family member.)
Anaya was surprised at Melana's not wanting to control Smith, but she
accepted that her sister had the love syndrome very bad. She thought it would
wear off.
"And -?"
Melana suddenly returned to earth from her perfect daydream of life with
Smith. "Huh? What do you mean, 'And'?"
Anaya jumped up from her seat, spilling her tea all over Melana. "I mean,
don't you want to control the world and control Smith and make everyone
scared and change history and please our father and uphold the family name?"
"No, why should I?" asked Melana, puzzled. "And don't say, 'please our father
and uphold the family name', you sound just like our cousin Mulan in China!
Dorky little idiot!" Then her expression changed. "But she has a hunk of a
conquer the world and bring back all the greatness and glory of Genghis
"‚¶Who's Genghis Khan?" said Melana dreamily.
Anaya flung the whole teapot on Melana's head and stormed out of the hotel.
Song No. 2; beware!
Melana takes the teapot off her head slowly. "Oh, what am I thinking. You
think a Khan family member would know."
She slowly puts the teapot on the table. "If there's a prize for rotten
family member -" *sigh* "I guess I've already won that.
"No world is worth changing the history of,
But I've already been there, done that."
Elise, Wiggins and three other servants appear,
"Who'd you think you're kidding,
He's the earth and heaven to you,
Better try to keep it hidden,
Honey, your father doesn't want to hear what happened to you,"
"Oh no‚¶"
"No chance, no way are you gonna get him, no, no," sings Elise wickedly.
"I sing, I sigh, I won't deny it, uh-oh,"
[Note: this 'uh-oh' does not mean trouble, it's the music thing the Muses and
Megara (Meg) sang in Hercules.]
"Give up, give in, I need a new face lift, uh-oh," goes on Elise
"Though it's so cliché, I say out aloud that I'm in love,"
"You've got it all wrong, follow me, forget you're in love,"
Elise is dragging Melana by the hair.
"NNOOO!" Melana fights back. "No chance, no way, will I deny it, no-no‚¶"
"She won't agree now!" Elise has become furious and dangerous.
"Get off my hair, I can't give you a share, no way," Melana backs away.
"My hands are trying to get hold of you‚¶I'm just dying to TEAR -- YOUR --
HEART -- OUT." Elise has become terrifying to look at.
"Who'd'you think you're kidding, Daddy got life insurance for me, baby, I'm
not dying - honey, you give up trying, maybe it's my sister you're looking
for, don't you see that I don't got - got - got -Hadji's picture?"
"Baby, I can see right through you, don't go on denying, Zin queen you're in
"Only, with Smith, not with Hadji, will I say I'm - in - love‚¶"
"Sha la la la la la‚¶aaahhh‚¶" Wiggins and the three other servants sing and
sigh. Elise has already disappeared on learning that she got the wrong twin.

Well, Suthi (and Stef, our enthusiastic reader and critic), what do you think

of my ingenious (NOT) adaptation of "I won't say I'm in love" in Disney's

Hercules? Elise, Wiggins and the other three servants are supposed to replace

the Muses while Melana is Meg. I switched a few lines, like Elise says some

stuff that the original lines were Meg's, and I changed the lyrics and the

tune, but I think it isn't bad after all. Someday I might even sing it for

you. I thought that it would be interesting to make our 'baddies' sing

another song, don't you think so, Suthi? I got the idea to use this song from

Eric Umali, a JQ fan whom I met online & write to once in a while. 2 yrs ago

he got obsessed with this song, and wrote a fan fiction with Hercules as

Jonny Quest and Jessie as Meg, and the Muses as a bunch of invented school

friends. Whoa, I've got a talent to get off the subject! If you want I'll

tell you which lines are from which part of the real song. Anyway, to get on

with the story:


Melana is totally unaware of everything. She vaguely notices that her dress

is wet with cheap, suspiciously watery tea. She doesn't notice the flash of

red hair coming towards her. The next minute she is tackled and her arm is

twisted behind her back and she recognises a girl's voice.

"Now listen, Zin trash, you come along with me quietly with no trouble. Any

distractions, any attacks, I'll make you sorry you were ever born."

"I already am wondering why I was born," says Melana, thinking of her great

love for Smith.

"Don't give me that," growls Jessie. "Dad taught me one thing: never believe

anything the Zin dynasty says."

Melana looks hurt.

"Well?" asks Jessie.

"Well what?"

"Hand over your weapons, you insult to womankind!" hisses Jessie, really

losing her temper. (I've brought back her "kick-butt kinda girl" {not my

phrase, though it describes her well in season 1} character from Season 1; no

more "damsel in distress" roles for her! Girl Power! Yeah! She can take care

of herself!)

"Oh, right," replies Melana. She gave a pair of laser pistols from her sash,

two daggers from her boots, a pocket-knife, a steel wheel-shaped spiky

weapon, small bombs, her plastic explosive earrings, a sharpened piece of

metal . . .

"There, I think that's it," says Melana after half an hour.

Jessie looks suspiciously at Melana's watch. "Oh, yeah, forgot that." She

hands over the acid-spitting watch to Jessie. Then she remembers the spool of

patented guaranteed-to-never-tear rope.

"What about the make up in your purse?" asks Jessie impatiently, grabbing it.

She finds twelve lipsticks. "Hmm‚¶something's wrong here," says Jessie. She

opens one of them and finds that it's a tranquilliser dart in reality.

"Oops‚¶Forgot those too," says Melana apologetically. "It's kinda hard to keep

track of all your weapons if you're a Zin."

Jessie rolls her eyes. "I bet," she says sarcastically. She picks up one of

the seventeen mascara bottles, and finds a concentrated deadly poison from

frogs (cute little frogs, don't you think?) in South American tropical

forests. Jessie sighs. "Really, Melana," she says, "Do you guys need so many

weapons?" She doesn't ask for an answer but goes on looking through the

purse. She finds a pearl-handled pistol in the false bottom of the purse.

It's fully loaded, but Jesse's still suspicious. "Melana," she asks, "where

are the extra cartridges?"

"What extra cartridges?" asks Melana absentmindedly. Then she comes back to

earth from her daydream. "Oh, they're here," she says, reaching into her

chest and bringing out a tiny box.

"Is there anything else in there?"

"Just one more thing," says Melana. She brings out a box of fake teeth.

Jessie looks at her questioningly. "They're full of poison gas," Melana

explains. "Oh, there's one more tooth," she says and takes one of her teeth


"Okay," says Jessie, "are you sure you don't have anymore secret pockets?"

"Let's see," says Melana, frowning in thought. "Thirteen pockets in my

underwear, all emptied, six in my sash, all emptied, seven in the collar, all

emptied‚¶" She keeps counting on her fingers. "Oh, we missed one in my

petticoat." She leans down and unzips a long pocket with some more

explosives. "Right, we can do now."

Jessie is overloaded with weapons, but she hides most of them in her clothes

like Melana did. Then, holding Melana in a tight grip, she blindfolds her

very carefully and takes her to Snoopy.



When Anaya returned back to the hotel, Melana was gone.

"Now where is that sister of mine," said Anaya to herself. She went to take a

look outside. On the ground something shiny shone in her eyes. She picked it

up and found out that it was one of Melana's lipstick darts and a mini


"There must have been a struggle here," thought Anaya. She ran in the

direction of the dart and bullet was dropped. In the distance, Anaya saw a

tiny moving figure. She followed, as fast as she could, and to her surprise

it was Melana, blindfolded and dragged by Jessie.

"That stupid sister of mine! Why didn't she fight back? That redheaded girl

is smaller than she is! Don't tell me she is still dreaming of Smith and lost

all her fighting skills and heart of stone!" Without another word Anaya ran

towards them, and with a leap into the air landed on Jessie. The two were

kicking and struggling with each other. Melana stood stock-still and

confused. "Melana!" yelled Anaya as Jessie tried to choke her, "Sister come

to your senses! Help me! Get a gun and shoot!" Melana finally did come back

to her senses; she picked a laser gun and aimed it at Jessie. But before she

can pull the trigger, a hand pushed her wrist down.

"Smith it's you!" shouted Melana in surprise and happiness. The whole scene

finally takes place. Jessie arm-locked Anaya on the ground, Smith gripped on

Melana's hand to prevent her from firing the gun, but Melana had the wrong

impression and thought Smith held her hand for other romantic reasons. Snoopy

and the whole team also arrived on the scene. Pocahontas came along with them

and Rolfe. Melana nearly jumped to kill Pocahontas because she knew that

Pocahontas was Smith's former love, but Ace stopped her in time.

"Whoa, babe, don't lose your pretty temper now." said Ace. Melana stared at

Ace angrily.

Mulan came through the time portal and said, "Oh, I knew it! I warned you two

to stay out of trouble."

The twins and Snoopy's team return to their headquarters. The twins were tied

up ready for questioning, Snoopy the great in his platform shoes stood

directly in front of the twins, beside Melana was Ace trying to bug her

because he likes teasing pretty women who get angry easily, and standing

beside Anaya was Crystal. Jessie, Smith, Mulan, Pocahontas, Rolfe, Max, Jake

and Hadji were sitting on a couch behind Snoopy.

"Hadji you must help us, do it for me! I know you love me!" yelled Anaya to

Hadji. Hadji blushed as everybody looked at him with snickering smiles.

"No love, for Genghis Khan's sake!" shrieked Melana.

"Look who's talking!" Anaya shrieked back.

"That's enough from all of you, I'll start the questioning now." said Snoopy


"Yeah, go on, Snoopy," said Jessie. "Even though I find the first ever Zin

quarrel interesting. IRIS is ready to type whatever is said."

Anaya and Melana both glare at Jessie.

"All right, first things first," said Snoopy. "You do not have the right to

remain silent since time travel is an unthinkable offence. If you do not say

anything we will decide for ourselves what you are doing and give you

punishment that we think you deserve."

The twins glared at Snoopy, then at each other.

"Alright, Melana, you lovesick traitor, you tell them everything."

"'Lovesick traitor'? Then what are you, may I ask?"

"I just wanted Hadji, but I didn't sacrifice our family for it!" shrieked

Anaya. She had become purple with anger.

Melana turned red with embarrassment and fury. "I found true love!"

"You became mentally retarded! We are from the Genghis Khan clan, for Pete's

sake! We do not feel love!"

"And I am sick and tired of your squabbling!" hollered Jessie. "Shut up about

your pathetic love lives and get to the point!" She had really lost her

temper. Her eyes flashed dangerously.

"Jess, cool it," said Jonny, who was enjoying the sight of the Zin twins


"And you shut up too!" she answered.

"Jessie has a point," said Crystal. "How are we going to report Dr. Zin's

plans if they keep disputing about their personal lives?"

"Yeah, guess you're right, Crystal, but it's neat to listen to those hot

chicks at it like two tomcats in an alley -" Ace was hit hard on the head by

Max and Jake.

Pocahontas looked very nervous. Rolfe offered her some smelling salts, and he

goes to explain for half an hour.

"That does it," said Snoopy. "Ace and Jake, go outside and keep a lookout in

case Dr. Zin sends anything for their defence. Mr. Rolfe, please take

Pocahontas home. Max, please go with them so no kidnappings from our present

enemy, Ratcliffe, will happen. Captain Smith and Mr. Singh, come to the front

where I am. Jonny and Crystal, I want you to keep a strict check-up on the

time portals and the Zins' computer systems. Mulan, please keep that portal

open so we are prepared to send these girls back, and Jessie, I want you to

type up everything these hellfire Zins, Captain Smith, Mr. Singh and I say.

You can tape it now and type it later, but double-check everything they say.

You can check information from Magic 44. Have you ever heard of it, any of


Max, Crystal, Jessie and Hadji all raised their hands.

"All we know," said Max, "that it's a government information centre."

"It's more than that," said Jessie eagerly. "It's centred in Japan, headed by

the chief of Internal Affairs at the Ministry, and it's a really efficient

information source for the Secret Service."

"How come you and Hadji know that and I don't?" said Jonny indignantly.

"Because, dummy, you didn't stay like us with Dr. Quest and Dad that

afternoon last week," said Jessie, rolling her eyes. "Dad has access to I-1

files and Dr. Quest has the brains to crack into anything. So between them we

learnt a lot."

"You guys didn't tell me," whined Jonny.

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" thundered Snoopy. "EVERYONE GO TO THEIR POSTS!" Pocahontas,

Rolfe, Ace, and Max left, and Jonny and Crystal went to the other room and

did their work.

"Captain, question the girl supposedly in love with you." said Snoopy in a

low voice. Smith looked nervous. Snoopy sighed. "Well, how long do we have to


Smith cleared his voice. "Well, um, Ms. Zin, tell us about all your recent


"DON'T BETRAY OUR FAMILY, YOU LOVESICK FOOL!" screamed Anaya. But Melana was

already pouring out everything.

"Well, you see, John darling, Daddy wanted to control the world and bring

back the glory of Genghis Khan. When we tried in the present, Dr. Quest

always stopped us. So we made a plan -"


Snoopy made a signal to Jessie, who came and stuffed Anaya's mouth with


"-We made a plan that we'd conquer Virginia and then Maine, then Texas.

Virginia has gold," Melana explained, "and it would make us even richer. We

could also change history so that Virginia never became one of the present

states of America, so that the Zin family would always have refuge there.

We'd even change the name from Virginia to Genghisia. Then we'd conquer

Maine, and take care of the cliff and lighthouse tower there, so that Benton

Quest would never be able to settle in there and have the power he has now.

After making sure that Fort Zin and Khantown were permanent, we'd -"

"YMFMGMWEMAM!" said Anaya.

Snoopy made another signal to Jessie. This time she came with a lipstick in

her hand. But obviously Anaya was dead scared to see the lipstick. It was one

of Melana's tranquilliser darts. Jessie shot Anaya with it, and Anaya went to

sleep. Hadji looked a little pained.

"And then we'd time travel some years, and conquer Texas, and make sure that

the Bannons' ancestor, Calamity Jane (girls! Do you watch the adventures of

Calamity Jane? She looks EXACTLY like a tough cowgirl adult Jessie. Amazing!

And Race has this Texan drawl! So I put two and two together, hee hee), never

was born, or if she was, we'd make sure she never married," continued Melana.

If Calamity Jane hadn't married, Ms. Bannon over there wouldn't be existent.

Do you see how much they look alike? That and the fact that Race Bannon was

Texan helped us trace their ancestors. Benton Quest would never have been as

safe as he has been so far if it weren't for Race." Melana paused. Jessie

looked unbelievably like a baby tigress, with her green eyes glittering


"Do not get so tense, Jessie," said Hadji, patting her arm. "It has not

happened yet."

"Our only problem was how to conquer Virginia. We couldn't transport robot

armies; their programming becomes wrecked with time travel. We couldn't bring

real men; they were two unreliable. So we came and tried to arrange a deal

with Ratcliffe."

"And what did Pocahontas's life have to do with it?" asked Smith angrily.

"If she and you married," here Melana started crying, "you'd have children,

and your children would have children, and finally your descendants would be

Doug and Rachel Wildey, and Rachel was Benton Quest's wife, and Jonny was

their child." She sobbed some more. "You people are such idiots, I mean, the

pesky Quest kid is John and Pocahontas's grandson, fifteen generations


Jessie, Hadji, and Smith all had their mouths hanging wide open. Snoopy

looked very calm. Mulan was shaking her head.

"Yes, exactly. But I didn't know you had such exact information," said Snoopy

absently. "Jessie, please get me Agent 007, of the London Secret Service."

Jessie shut her mouth and started working. "Okay, here we are, Snoopy," she

said after a few moments.

"Agent Bond, is that you?"

"Yes sir. Any new developments?"

"We have both women, Agent Bond," said Snoopy. "Have the triple security

airtight soundproof anti-bacteria registered video-monitored laser-proof

prison cells ready. We're sending them in 15 minutes. Alright?"

"Yes sir. You can send them in 3 minutes."

"Good work, Agent Bond. Try clear the traffic in the time portal."

"Very well sir. Congratulations."

"Thank you, Agent Bond. Over and out." Jessie cut the connection.

"Well, I'm glad we didn't have to question your sister, young lady," said

Snoopy sternly to Melana. "Captain Smith, please go to your fiancée and

continue a normal life. I have made arrangements with King James concerning

Virginia. The two of you will first get married in the Christian fashion

here, and then go to Virginia and get married in the Indian fashion. Then you

may do what you want. Forget about myself, Ms. Bannon, Mr. Singh, Fa Mulan,

Ace, Max, Jake, Crystal, and, most especially, your future grandson. Do not

mention us to Pocahontas or anyone. Pretend we were a dream. Goodbye,

Captain. If all goes well, we will never meet again."

Smith looked very moved. Melana was hysterical.


"And forget about them too," said Snoopy dryly.


Smith shook hands with Snoopy, Hadji and Jessie, and then left the room.

Jessie and Hadji both looked confused. "Do you realise, Hadji, we've been

seeing Jonny's great great great great‚¶"

"Yes, Jessie, I do."

"And if we hadn't made sure Pocahontas and John Smith got together, he

wouldn't exist! Wow‚¶Snoopy, do you suppose people will ever study time


"Hopefully not," said Snoopy. "Alright, Jessie and Mulan, get hold of one Zin

each and shove them through the time portal. They'll be ready for them on the

other side."

"No problem," said Jessie. She gave the shrieking Melana a dose of the

tranquilliser and grabbed her over her shoulder, just as Mulan did the same

with Anaya. Mulan was shaking her head.

"I warned them," she said. "And I really don't see how can they be so

destructive. Playing with the past isn't as simple as it seems."

"In such cases, 'a stitch in time saves nine' is not true," said Hadji

wistfully, as he looked at the limp form of Anaya go through the portal.

"Yeah, well, it is true," said Jessie, looking a little hostile. "If we

hadn't come to make sure of all this and take care of the Zin twins, then

we'd have a lot more work in the present world."

"Can I ask something?" said Mulan. "Who is Calamity Jane, and where is


"Well, it's a long story you'd better not know," said Snoopy. "It's time for

us to go home. What was that?" he said, turning suddenly to a corner of the


"Miko!" said Mulan and Jessie at the same time. The cute racoon came towards


"Oh dear," said Jessie, laughing. "We'll have to send him back."

"But how?" asked Mulan. "Unless we - I know! Let's send him through the

portal to Pocahontas."

"Good idea," replied Jessie. They opened it, and a boy wearing jeans, a black

T-shirt, a short-sleeved jacket, green gloves with no fingertips, and a white

and red cap fell out.

Jessie spluttered. "Who are you?"

"I'm Ash, and that's my pokemon," he replied.

"Oh, all these time and reality mix-ups are driving me crazy! What do you

mean, this is your pokemon?" shouted Jessie. "This is not your world, kid,

just go back and look for your racoon there, because this one certainly isn't

yours!" Her shouting brought Jonny and Crystal into the room. Jonny and Ash

stared at each other, and both of them were thinking, "Cool. This kid is a

fan of mine and tries to wear the same kind of clothes."

Snoopy spoke. "This is not your pokemon," he said. "Please go back to your

world." Mulan shoved Ash out.

Thank you. Now, it is almost time for saying goodbye," said Snoopy

seriously. "And since you are more familiar with strange happenings, I think

I should give you something to keep as a memory and token of friendship."

Snoopy solemnly brought out a locket with the picture of himself sleeping on

his doghouse.

Mulan took it. "I will treasure it forever," she said. She hugged him (aha! I

know what you people are thinking. Mulan hugging Snoopy like she hugged the

emperor, and taking a locket thing like the dragon-token the emperor gave

her) and then turned to say goodbye to Crystal, Max (he had just returned),

Jonny, Hadji and Jessie.

"Well, Jessie, Crystal, and Max will stay for a little longer." Said Snoopy,

breaking the silence after Mulan left. "The four of us will attend the


"What wedding?" asked Jonny. Jessie hit him on the back of his head. "Captain

Smith's and Pocahontas's, dummy."

"Okay," said Jonny. "But why aren't Ace, Jake, Hadji and I going?"

"Well, Jonny," said Crystal, shaking her head. "Do you really need to ask

about Ace and yourself?"

"Uh‚¶I guess not‚¶" he replied nervously.

"We only need a best man, Max, two bridesmaids, Crystal and Jessie, and a

ring-bearer, myself. The four of us will witness it and go back to where we

came from." explained Snoopy. "Now, prepare to go back to Maine." He told Hadji and Jonny. "Dr. Quest and Mr. Bannon are very worried."

"They're likely to be more worried over Jess," said Jonny, rolling his eyes.

"I can take care of myself," hissed Jessie, firing up.


"Jonny, let us go," said Hadji, taking one arm.

"Can I say goodbye to Ace first?"

Snoopy sighed, and called Ace back with his wrist communicator.

The Conclusion-->