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Adventures of Scooby Doo



Shaggy looked over his shoulder as he drove the Mystery machine. Scoob, I know youre eating a hot dog back there, so hand it over!

What, Raggy? [come on, everyone knows that Scooby has a major accent]

The hot dog, Scoob! repeated Shaggy. Like, I can smell one from a mile away,

Rot dog? asked Scooby, puzzled. Amazingly, he was NOT eating a hot dog.

Here Uncle Scooby, if you want a hot dog, heres one! said the enthusiastic voice of none other than Scrappy Doo. He was cheerfully eating a whole pile of them, with a napkin tied around his neck.

Well, Scrappy, Im glad youve got them, cause it seems that were not gonna be making it much further, said Shaggy, looking at the fuel gauge. The Mystery Machine came to a full stop a few moments later. And just as it stopped, there was a great clap of thunder and a flash of lightening. A second later rain poured in torrents.

Well, guys, I guess were gonna have to find a place to stay for the night, said Shaggy nervously. Scooby looked up from his hot dog share.

Hey guys! The map says that the old Norwegian family manor is nearby, said Scrappy. Behind the bushes on the left side of the road, theres a path leading to the house. Oh, boy, Uncle Scooby, were gonna be able to look at the paintings of the old family

Now, hold it there, Scrappy, said Shaggy. But before he could think of an objection Scrappy was out in his raincoat, boots and hat [so ~ cute! ^^;], holding the map and going in the direction of the manor.

Well, Scoob <gulp>guess wed better follow him, said Shaggy. They quickly got their raincoats and followed Scrappy.

 Meanwhile, a small ship moves on towards the cliffs where the manor is

Well, it looks like time stood still for me, Jonny, said Jessie in a teasing voice.

It was a bad dream, Jessie, said Jonny firmly.

I almost hope so,

But the last part was real

What last part? said Jessie innocently.

When you kissed me

I did not! JACQUES kissed LADY CAROLINE!

Lady Caroline kissed Jacques!

Did not!

Did too!

Did Augh! They were flung to one side of the Questor II as it crashed onto a sandy beach. Hadji came out anxiously. My friends, are you alright?

Jessie had a shallow cut on her forehead that was bleeding a good deal, but she was already screaming at Jonny with vigor.

NOW LOOK AT WHAT YOUVE DONE, BLEACH-HEAD! she roared. We havent even gotten away from a ghost-filled island for two hours, and you crash EXACTLY the same way, all over again! With your absolutely useless steering, its going to take longer for us to get to Nova Scotia than it takes for a two-legged dog to fetch [I know, I know, I used one of Races phrases, but heck, shes his daughter, and shes a hellfire when she gets mad]. Of all the insane agreements

Now, Jessie, said Hadji, applying pressure to her cut. Get your wound cleaned while Jonny and I have a look at whatever damage the Questor now has. He calmed her down, but gave Jonny an I-just-saved-your-life look. He then re-adjusted his turban and prepared to get off the Questor II. Jonny followed him, with an irritated look.

Shes so touchy, said he, annoyed. What am I supposed to say? Yeah, Jessie, I purposely kissed you when ghosts were possessing us? As if I would!

Hadji kept his personal opinions to himself.

Aww, darn, the hulls been majorly wrecked, groaned Jonny. Its gonna take us two days or so to patch it up. I guess we ought to He suddenly stopped speaking. Hadj, did you hear that?

Hadji frowned, deep in concentration. Yes, I did, he replied after a while. I believe someone else is here and can see us.

*You got that right* said a voice in his head. Hadji tried to see this presence, but he couldnt.

Jess! called Jonny. Hadji and I heard something, and were going to investigate!

Not without me you arent! called Jessie. She came out carrying survival packs. One each, guys, she said as she threw two at Jonny and Hadji. Okay, lets go!

Jonny tried very hard not to notice how pretty Jessie looked with all her hair windblown, and the biting cold making her cheeks pink.


Okay guys! We should be almost there! said Scrappy, leading the way, walking very fast. He was, unfortunately, looking at the map upside down.

L-Lets hope so, S-Scrappy, said Shaggy, freezing in the cold and rain.

Oh, boy, Uncle Scooby, this is so exciting, Scrappy went on. To get to see the manor where Wilfred Gilchrist was murdered,

M-m-murdered? Shaggys teeth were definitely not chattering because of the cold.

W-w-wurdered? repeated Scooby.

Sure! continued Scrappy. He was found dead in his bedroom. They found that he had bled to death, but there was no wound,

N-no wound? Shaggys eyes were terrified.

No. There were only two tiny marks on his throat, and they say that a vampire sucked his blood."


And the best part is, Uncle Scooby, is that they say hes become a vampire himself now, and haunts the manor! Uncle Scooby Uncle Scooby?

Scooby was hiding under Shaggys raincoat.

Thats my Uncle Scooby, said Scrappy valiantly. We arent scared! We dont care about ghosts or vampires or

Just then, there was another strike of lightening. In that split second they saw a huge, castle-like mansion, that was a bit dilapidated but still magnificent.


And also very spooky.


Yikes! yelped Shaggy. His hair was standing up, and he had jumped into Scoobys paws.

Rappy, started Scooby.

Aw, come on, guys, said Scrappy. He lifted his Uncle Scooby who was carrying Shaggy and went towards the house.

At that moment, a bat flew towards them squeaking.


Sure, guys, but wheres the map?

Shaggy looked horror-stricken. YOU had it!

YeahI DID.

Having no choice, they rushed towards the house as the rain suddenly started pouring even more.

*Yes, go into the house*


Shaggy, Scooby, and Scrappy stepped onto the stair leading to the front and
main door of the manor. The stair creaked as they walked on each step.

"All r-right Scoob, you knock on the door. Me and Scrappy will just wait behind

"Ruh-Uh, ro way roo knock yourself Raggy" said Scooby quite determined.
"No way Scoob I'm not touching that gargoyle knocker."

"Let me do it uncle Scooby", said Scrappy bravely. He jumped on Shaggy's shoulder(because the knocker is very high) and knocked on the gargoyle knocker. Tons of bats flew out of the tower on top, and the enormous door flung open. Shaggy and Scooby nearly freaked to death, not because of the door being opened, but because of the door opener herself. She was tall, pale, and thin. "My name is Morticha Morgana. I'm the waitress and the maid of this mansion. And you are....?"

"We three need a shelter to stay for the night because of the storm. And this cool mansion is the only one around this area, so can we stay or the night?" said Scrappy.

"Of course you may, travelers. As matter of fact you are right. You won't find any shelter in miles. There used to be a lot of neighbors around here, but I don't know why they all left here. Freaked out, I guess." Morticha started laughing wickedly at what she just said, and then invited Shaggy and his pals inside. Of course after seeing this eerie housekeeper and bats flying out of the tower, Scooby and Shaggy were not really willing to enter this mansion. If it wasnt because of the storm they would have left by now. The house was huge and old. The whole house is carpeted in deep red. Portraits and tapestries were hung almost everywhere. Morticha was carrying a candle in her pale ghostly hand. "I'll show you all to your room. Its on the fourth floor. This whole mansion has about nine floors. There is a nice garden and an ancient monument at the back section of this mansion. You all are welcome to take a walk anytime you
like." She pointed out the window to the garden and monument she was talking about. It happen then that Scooby, Shaggy, and Scrappy found out that the garden she was talking about was a wide graveyard and the monument was a mausoleum.

"W-W-well, we all will take a walk there sometime, right Scoob?" said Shaggy nervously. But, Scooby already fainted.

Meanwhile the JQ kids were wandering around looking for a shelter. Suddenly Jessie yelled out,"Guys, I think I see a van out there in the mist."

Jessie, Jonny, and Hadji all ran toward the van. The van was the Mystery Machine.

"Hey Hadj, Jess there is a house here. The owner of this van must be living in this creepy looking house, or shall I say mausoleum." Jessie and Hadji didn't pay any attention to the words Jonny just said, but instead they went to knock on the door. Morticha opened the door and invited them in. Like Scooby and Shaggy, they have no choice but to enter. The JQ kids gaped at the mansion in wonder.

"Shall I show you to your rooms?" asked Morticha.

"A room? Oh thank-you, but we don't want to trouble you. I think me and my friends will be fine sleeping in this vast hall," replied Jessie politely. But Jonny knocked on Jessie's shoulder as a sign that he totally disagreed to Jessie at her refusal of the room offered. However, Jonny's hope was answered. Morticha insisted, and Jessie had to consent (if not Jonny will keep on yanking) Hadji and Jessie followed Morticha up the spooky staircase, but Jonny said he'll follow them in a minute. Jonny walked around the mansion. The ceiling mostly amazed him because it was painted in faces of devils and gargoyles. Without paying attention to where he was walking, he suddenly tripped on something. "Gosh! Its a Dead dog!" shouted Jonny. Jessie and Hadji came running to see what happened. Along with them were Shaggy and Scrappy.

"What's happening here?" asked Hadji. Jonny pointed to the dead dog.

"Oh, that's my friend Scooby. He fainted a while ago and me and my friend Scrappy here, just went to the kitchen to find some water to revive him," replied Shaggy. After a sip of water Scooby woke up. Everyone introduced themselves. Just then everyone heard the door being knocked. Morticha wasn't there, so the JQ kids and Shag and his friends answered the door.

"Oh hello, my name is Esmeralda, I and my husband Phoebus (curse him!) need a shelter to hide from the storm, and are you the keeper of the house?"

"No, we're also travelers hiding from the storm, but I think its OK if you two stay here. I wonder where is the housekeeper. She was here a minute ago, said Jessie. Anyhow, everyone went to sit in the gigantic gloomy living room and had a long talk until Morticha returned back with a candle in her hand. But, wait! There are some red stains on her black dress!

Shaggy and Scooby start chattering their teeth and biting each others nails (in Scoobys case, paws), Hadji looked at her suspiciously and wondered whether she was the *presence* he had felt. Scrappy didnt notice anything (yet), Esmeralda and Jessie looked suspicious too, and Phoebus of course didnt understand anymore than Jonny.

Erm, said Jessie, coughing.

Well, um, miss, did you have an accident or something? asked Esmeralda.

Morticha gave them all a strange look. Her hair and eyes were wild. She started laughing like a deranged person. The candlelight flickered.

I have been serving the master, she said in a ghastly voice.

Man, this is totally nutty, Jonny was heard muttering. And I thought at first that she couldnt be any paler than that.

She looks er dead, said Phoebus.

Shut up, said Jessie. Men. Always interfering. Morticha, Jessie started over, do you I mean, have you lost some blood?

Some? she said, laughing like a lunatic. SOME? All these years Ive been giving it all!

Giving what? inquired the idiot Jonny.

The blood, dammit! Hadji told his adopted brother with an irritated countenance. Shaggy was all laid out on the floor, unconscious from the first deranged laugh. Scooby was looking for water while Scrappy fanned his face with a handkerchief. Morticha continued her raving:

All these years, *I* was the servant. I had to take care of him as he killed his mother, as he sucked every last drop of life from his only sister, as he ravaged the graves of his ancestors. But now, its going to change. He thought *he* would always be in charge, but hes not! She was wildly laughing, and she coughed and coughed as she spoke, till she was spitting blood.

Consumption, said Jessie, horrified.

Ronrumption? asked Scooby, holding a flower vase with water over Shaggys head.

Theres nothing to be done then, said Phoebus.

Whats consumption? asked Jonny.

But Jessie, no one has had consumption for at least 200 years, said Hadji.


Then, guys, I guess we cant help her, said Scrappy, catching the wind of the conversation.

A GHOST? said Esmeralda, horrified.

No, no, whispered Morticha in a mad frenzy of delight. Not me. Not me. La maison la maison est la veritable phantompas moi But as she said these words she started fading away, melting, evaporating, dissolving

She WAS a ghost.

But she wasnt the only one

She spoke French at the end, said Hadji thoughtfully.

Uh, Hadj, thats all very interesting, but dont you think we should GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE? yelped Jonny.

Yeah, Scoob, lets go! OACA members cant stay in a haunted house!

OACA? asked Jessie. Guys, since youre present-day Americans, just tell me what is the OACA?

Official American Coward Society! yelled Shaggy as they all ran towards the main door.

Fur on a catfish! yelled Jessie as they tried opening the heavy oak doors. These things are heavier than the Santa Fe railroad!

Whats Santa Fe? asked Phoebus as he started hacking the latch with his sword.

DONT GIVE A DAMN AND KEEP GOING! screamed Shaggy, hysterical.

Suddenly the doors were flung open to reveal a set of five teenage girls who jumped in immediately. The doors closed behind them ominously.

NOOO!!! yelled Shaggy as they shut. He passed out again.

I am Sailor Moon! Champion of Love and Justice! On behalf of the moon, I will

Get a life, said Jessie, rolling her eyes. She looked at the speaker, a blond girl all dressed up, to the extent of two buns ending in ponytails on her head. Each bun had some type of receptor, red and glassy. The other girls were dressed similarly but in different colours. They introduced themselves normally as:

a)       Sailor Jupiter, controller of thunder and lightening, pretty, with very dark eyes and messy brown hair.

b)       Sailor Venus, goddess of love, hot, with long blond hair and blue eyes. Jonny and she were checking each other out, obvious from the looks passing between them.

c)       Sailor Mercury, the seemingly most sensible of the lot, who shyly told them she was the queen of lakes and rivers, and had their powers. She had a visor on and a mini laptop in her hand with the sign of Mercury on it. Jessie liked her on the spot.

d)       Sailor Mars, the really chic one, whom both Hadji and Phoebus were staring at. She said she controlled the powers of the fire, including fortune telling. Esmeralda disliked her on the spot. (now really, what did I expect?)

"What is all this nonsense?!" said Esmeralda angrily. "Phoebus! Damn you! Can't you keep your eyes to yourself, for goodness sake?!" said Esmeralda viciously as she gave Sailor Mars a you-come-near-him-and-I'll kill-you look. Phoebus coughed and then turned back stupidly to Esmeralda. Hadji was still popping his eyes at Mars.

"So, you five are the defenders of different planets? Why have you come here?" asked Jessie.

"Like we said before we are the defenders of the planets as well as mankind. We sense trouble here and decide to investigate," replied Sailor Mercury.

"We-well if you really want to help us make the rain stop and get us all out of this creepy mansion," said Shaggy nervously. Just then, all the windows and doors flung opened. Cold wind and rain poured in everywhere. Esmeralda collapsed on Phoebus, and Jonny was under a pile of sailors and Jessie who fell over him. Shaggy, Scooby, Scrappy, and Hadji were trapped under a couch that was blown by the wind and it fell and trapped them there. A bright light appeared on the staircase. Then suddenly it started pulling everyone into it. The sailors tried to stand up and form a long chain. All of them started to fire their powers but the light force suck all of them up. After the mysterious light had gobbled up the sailors, it turns into a small ball of light and floated away. Surprisingly, all the doors and windows were shut back and locked.

"No!" yelled Jessie.

"No, what?" asked Jonny stupidly.

"The sailors dammit. Now no one can help us. What was that light, and where did it take the sailors?" asked Jessie.

"One thing is for sure, this house is haunted after all" said Hadji.

"Duh!" said everyone to Hadji's remarks. Everyone got out of his or her ridiculous collapsing position. The clock struck 12.

"We all have to take a rest. We all had a long and tough day. And beside, its no use to stay up late, we won't be able to do anything with our eyes drooping to slumber land," said Esmeralda.

"Guess you're right, lets all head up to the rooms. I suggested we all stay on the second floor. It's the closest to the first floor and safer," said Jessie.

"Hey guys!" shouted Jonny from the staircase on the fifth floor.

"What is it my friend?" asked Hadji.

"There is no proper room at all on the second, third, or the fourth floor. There're all rooms filled with junk. But there are two rooms on the fifth floor" replied Jonny.

"Well the fifth floor is the closest to the first floor in this case, so lets get to it" said Phoebus.

"Whatever, stupid," said Esmeralda sternly.

"Don't tell me you're still angry at me for taking a quick look at that Sailor," said Phoebus.

"A quick look you say, eh? Give me a break! I knew I should have chosen Quasimodo instead of you dull face!" protested Esmeralda. The two continue fighting until they reach the fifth floor.

"Cool it you two. We need to decide who sleeps where. There are only two rooms available," said Jessie.

"Well I'm not staying in the same room as you traitor," replied Esmeralda referring to Phoebus as the traitor.

I wouldnt advise you to, even though youre MARRIED, said Hadji in a very dignified manner. Jessies face was as red as her hair and Jonny was giggling like a little boy. Scooby and Shaggy were both giggling in a nervous, hysterical manner. Scrappy was already asleep in Jessies lap.

In that case, said Jessie, one room should be for the girls and another for the boys.

Easy for you to say, Jess, replied Jonny with a scowl. Two people in one room and six in the other.

Well, that IS a little unfair, she considered, but then, point one, we need two people to keep watch, and point two, we can take Scrappy with us. Okay? Now whos keeping watch? Its only a few hours till morning so I think only three shifts are necessary. First shift, any volunteers? Okay, Phoebus and Jonny. Second shift? Hadji? Shaggy? And me? Alright, Shaggy and me. Last shift, Hadji and Scooby?

Nn-no, I d-dont want to keep watch, said Shaggy. Scooby was so scared about the idea of keeping watch that he couldnt speak.

Jessie sighed. Thats alright, Jess, said Jonny brightly. I can do two shifts.

Well, if youre sure you can

I can, dont worry,

Then fine. Night, everyone. She yawned and, still carrying Scrappy, followed Esmeralda to the room. Hadji heard her say to Esmeralda, You know, my dad once said that Jonny was a kid who could jump into a lake and come out dry.

Phoebus and Jonny settled themselves in the hall of the fifth floor.

Women, grumbled Phoebus. You cant live without them, you cant live with them,

Yeah, I guess so, replied Jonny, thinking of his fights and competitions with Jessie at home in the Compound.

But Esmeralda is really something, Phoebus continued. She always could take care of herself and was never scared. She once saved my life,

Uhuh, mused Jonny. It sounded like Jessie and him. There was silence for a few minutes, occasionally interrupted by giggles from the girls room. Phoebus tapped his sword on the ground.

Do you know how to fight with that? asked Jonny, fascinated.

What, do you mean to say you dont? said Phoebus in surprise. He didnt understand how could any well-brought up boy live without being taught how to fence. Jonny looked at him sheepishly.

Well, Race knows, and he taught Jessie, and Hadji knows too, explained Jonny. But Jessie is more at home with a saber while Hadji prefers the scimitar. Theyre both very good with swords, though. I see the moves a lot, but I never really learnt it properly like them, since they started learning when they were really little, while I learnt about Dads research and his basics for Questworld. He had the idea of IRIS going then too, Jonny went on talking, not realizing that Phoebus was asleep.

            In the boys room

Shaggy and Scooby were in their nightclothes and stuffing themselves with food. Hadji was trying to meditate in the corner but the good smells coming were tantalizing.

Here ya go, Scoob, said Shaggy, holding out one leg of turkey, the other in his mouth. Might as well enjoy the last night of our lives.

Last night of your lives, my friends? said Hadji, puzzled.

Or our last night as OACA members, mumbled Shaggy through a sugary roasted apple. Either way, we have a good reason to eat more than we need.

Reah! added the dog, shoveling the turkey into his mouth. He started dividing the hot dogs.

No, Scoob, hold it, youre not being fair, said Shaggy, grinning. He took the pile. One for me, one for you, one for Scrappy. One for me, one for you, one for Scrappy

Hih? Scooby said as he scratched his head over the arrangement. Something was wrong, but he couldnt think of anything. Finally:

And theres the last one, for Scrappy. But since Scrappy isnt here, Ill take his share. Shaggy gulped the whole pile down.

So this dirty, dishonorable way of distributing food continued till the wind suddenly shattered the window, blew past the curtains, and

QUICK, SCOOB, SAVE THE SPECIAL EXTRA SUGAR CARAMEL APPLE CHOCOLATE MARSHMALLOW SCOOBY SNACKS! yelled Shaggy as the whole plate started to float out of the window. The two scrambled and tripped and fell all over the place, trying to catch it, but the plate got away. They looked very brave, for a moment, because they rushed to the window, trying to find the thief and sue for damages to the dessert. But then as they looked past the glass shards into the inky darkness of the night, they saw a face.

Not just any face. It was long and pale and thin. The eyes were like holes, empty pits of darkness. Sometimes the eyes were filled with a burning flame. Sometimes there was just cold darkness. It looked darker against the pale, sickly skin, the skin of a man dead and gone.

It was EVIL.

But that was not what scared Shaggy and Scooby. It was not the deathly paleness of the skin, or the glittering black eyes with no whites. It was not the terrible fire that filled the eyes time to time.

It was the pair of long, curved fangs covering the faces chin, dripping with blood. Blood covering his chin trickling onto the neck, still warm from the veins of a once living, breathing creature

He was only there for a moment. The next he disappeared into the wet blackness of the night.

None of them screamed. Instead, they all fell into a sleep that was somewhere between death and unconsciousness.

*Three down, five to go. *

In the girls room

And he really said that to you? HA HA HA laughed Jessie. She and Esmeralda were having a nice long conversation together. They had spread sleeping bags (from Jessies survival kit) and were sitting on them; Scrappy warmly covered up next to Esmeralda.

Oh, I cant sleep now; lets explore, said Esmeralda, getting up.

Just what I was going to suggest, replied Jessie, stretching. Theres a door leading to some room there at the end of this bedroom. If this was a bedroom, that is.

Wed better be armed, Esmeralda said as she picked up a dagger and hid it in the folds of her skirts. Jessie likewise took a laser gun. They tried opening the large double doors, and soon, with an ominous squeak, they flung open.

            Immediately the girls felt a strange aura, and coughed at the piles of dust that moved for the first time in at least a hundred years.

A dancing floor, said Jessie sentimentally.

Esmeralda picked up her skirts and lit a candle. Suddenly they saw a person standing the corner right next to them. Jessie gave a violent start in fright, then the two looked around the room. No, not one person, many, all scattered across the ballroom. They were standing still, timeless and ageless, as if time had frozen when they were dancing.

Run! commanded Esmeralda. She knew they were far too outnumbered for a fight.

Jessie was about to when she stopped. No, wait. These are mannequins! Theyre not real people!

Esmeralda turned back. Not real? How odd. They look so human that its frightening. And why were they left here, dressed perfectly, standing just in the middle of a dance?

I dont know, replied Jessie, confused. Lets look and see.

They walked to the end of the room, where there were tons of priceless antiques and trunks overstuffed with Victorian clothes. There were many jewelry cases too, but most of them were very well made fakes. As they passed a very pretty mannequin, Jessie tapped its cheek.

Well, its hard and inhuman enough for me, she chuckled nervously. This one seems to be the belle of the ball. Her hair is so pretty, and so curly!

I think her best features are her eyes, said Esmeralda, smiling in return. Theyre such a soft blue. She must have been a nice person.

I wish I had high cheekbones like her, sighed Jessie.

And what a pretty little nose,

YeahWhoever made her was obviously very careful about his work. Jessie patted the yellow curly hair. It feels so real, she said, frowning.

Esmeralda examined one of the hands. Ye-esI see what you mean, she said, frowning too. But her skin is so hard that it shows she IS wooden and fake. Oh, look at her dress! Real red velvet with genuine Valencienne lace; oh, she must have been rich!

Were talking about her like a real person, giggled Jessie. Shes only a mannequin.

Maybe she was based on someone real,

Maybe; look at her jewelry! A diamond chain with a sapphire center, and matching earrings!

Well, come on, lets look for velvet dresses for ourselves in those trunks, said Esmeralda, smiling and pulling Jessie away from the expressionless doll. They were soon lost in mantles and capes, opera glasses, ruffs, lace handkerchiefs, ermine tippets and sable coats, ball dresses and walking dresses, silk and satin and muslin, gloves and dancing slippers, bonnets and ostrich feathered hats, ribbons, striped and multi-colored

They were so occupied that they didnt see the dainty mannequins face turn and glare at them with blood-red eyes, glowing red, no longer soft blue

They didnt see the rest of the mannequins follow their leader and turn, their eyes turning into blood red

They didnt see the rain stop suddenly, and the full moon appear.

And that was how it was, on Friday the thirteenth, on the night of a full moon, exactly one hundred and eleven years since the last Gilchrist family member died.

And thenAs decreed, the grandfather clock in the hallway would, in a few more minutes, strike



That was when the night of horrors would begin, and the sun would never to rise again.

It would be time for the ghosts and phantoms to own the earth. It would not belong to humans any more.

Jessie and Esmeralda returned to their room with a bunch of clothes and jewels they found.
DONG! DONG! DONG! The clock struck 13!Every living soul was sound asleep except.... The Deads! Strange things began to take their toll. The weather inside the girl's room became dry. Dry like a decayed corpse. After half an hour passed, Esmeralda woke up and started to cough. "Gosh, I think I'm getting sick. Or is it the dry air in this room?" asked Esmeralda. Jessie was quite asleep and she only moaned in reply, because she had a tough day even before she came to this spooky mansion. Well we already knew that she was possessed by the ghost of Lady Caroline and we don't blame her for being sound asleep now. Anyway Esmeralda went out of the room to get a glass of water. The hallway is as dark as the night itself. She carried a half-burned candle that is barely 3 inches long. While she's walking she heard a creaking noise and a footstep. Esmeralda point the candle to the direction of the sound. But there was no one there. But, wait! Someone is opening the boy's room's door!

"Come out, whoever or whatever you are!" shouted Esmeralda.

"Hey chill out, its only me, Jonny."

"What are you doing in the middle of the night?" asked Esmeralda.

"Oh nothing much, I'm just taking a walk, and what about you beautiful?" asked Jonny weirdly. Esmeralda was shocked at what Jonny just called her. She's partly angry and partly scared. "You're taking a walk in the middle of the night? Well I'm just going back to my room," said Esmeralda nervously. And without another word just walk quickly to her room without bothering to go down and get the water. She only turned back and took a glimpse at Jonny before she closes her room's door. He was looking at her and smiling without blinking, as if he has no eyelids to do so. Oh NO! He had no eyelids! Esmeralda quickly shut the door. Too scared to look any longer or else her imagination will get the better of her.

"Hey what's going on?" asked Jessie the moment Esmeralda entered the room. Esmeralda didn't utter a word, but simply sat down on a chair opposite Jessie's bed and stare at the bedroom's door.

"Esmeralda, are you all right? Where did you just go?" asked Jessie trying to bring her friend back to sense.

"I-I went to get a glass of water. Before going down the stairs, Jonny-and I'm sure Jonny was there. He-he called me "beautiful", can you believe it?" said Esmeralda blankly. This made Jessie puzzled and she began to laugh. "Jonny, oh come on now. Don't tell me only because of his peculiar attitude as a gentleman you turned this pale," said Jessie giggling.

"No! As I looked at Jonny before I came into the room I saw that he had no eyelids! To tell the truth his face changed into someone elses! I can't be sure of course, but thats what I've seen!" said Esmeralda desperately.

"That's it, lets go to the boy's room and get to the bottom of this," replies Jessie. They walk to the boy's room and knocked on the door. Phoebus answered the knock.

"Good lord! Out of the frying pan into the fire," said Esmeralda as she stared at Phoebus angrily. She still didn't forget what happened between him and Mars. But her fright made her soften a bit and she did not bother to scold him on but merely cried all over him.

"Jinkies! What is happening here?" asked Shaggy, waking up from all the commotion.

"Hey Jess what is this all about?" asked Jonny. Jessie stared at him suspiciously and then said, "I don't know either Jonny Quest, you tell us."

"Wha-What do you mean? What have I done?" said Jonny.

"Well, didn't you just freak Esmeralda on the hallway? This is not the house to play any spooking game and you know it," answered Jessie.

"My friends, I don't know who Esmeralda just saw, but Jonny was in our room all night, and Shaggy is on guard and he saw Jonny in this room," replies Hadji wisely.

"Wait a minute! I just remembered that the thing that claim himself to be Jonny was tugging at the boy's door," said Esmeralda. Everyone went out to examine the doorknob and floor outside the room.

"Rikes!" yelped Scooby as he pointed on a blood stained footprint directly where the thing that claimed to be Jonny had passed and stood.

Alright, guys, the first thing to do here is to remain calm, said a new voice from the window.

Everyone jumped out of their skin and took defensive stances. Who are you? came from several voices at once.

No need to jump out of your skins, people, Im on the good side, replied the newcomer. It was the voice of a teenage girl, but they couldnt see her face at all. She was wearing a long dark cloak and had a heavy hood around her head, hiding her face. She held a long, slim white staff in one hand, and it glowed eerily in the dark. Shaggy started crying in fear. Scooby joined in, giving howls.

The main thing now, continued the girl, ignoring the wailing dog and human, is to retrieve the young one from my that is, from the Deads.

Everyone started talking at once.

What Deads?

Do you mean dreads?

Is that what you want to do with your hair, Hadji?

Whats a dread?

You idiot, Jonny, a dread is

Whos dead?

Not me, for sure

I almost wish it was,

What does that mean?!

Whats your name?

How are YOU related to the Dreads?


Wait a second, didnt she say that we have to re-something somebody?

Her boyfriend?

Look, married people dont need to make lame jokes like that

Says who?

Says me!

Oh yeah?

SILENCE! thundered the unknown person. Our first priority is the youngest one of all here, and the poor thing has been taken already. Now what we must

Um, no offence, but who are you talking about? asked Jonny like the idiot he was.

WHOM are you talking about, you mean, corrected Jessie.

Yeah, whatever

The visitor stamped her foot. You nincompoops, SCRAPPY has been taken!

SCRAPPY! gasped everyone except Scooby, who naturally gasped RAPPY?

Yes! Now that we understand each other

Wait a sechow do we know that YOU didnt take Scrappy?

Shut upthat was really subtle, Quest, said Jessie, pounding him.


Sure, talk away, said Esmeralda.

Finally! Now, this is a very dangerous night, since it is Friday the Thirteenth

Old wives tale, put in Jonny.

SHUT UP, BLEACH-HEAD! yelled Jessie, shaking her fist. Dont you realize shes a well, you know.

No I dont, retorted Jonny.

Shes supernatural, hissed Jessie. Cant you feel it? I thought you would, after ghost-possession. I mean, youre the one whos usually tracking the supernatural and you dont even realize when you have one right under your nose

OKAY, Jessie, OKAY, he yelled back.

Alright, this is a full-moon night on Friday the thirteenth, one hundred and eleven years exactly since Geraldine Gilchrist died. She was the last of the Gilchrist family, and they were the last family to practice Old High Magic.

Rold Righ Rajic?

AHEM. The legacy left at the dawn of time decrees that once the Old Magic died out, it would be powerful enough to last till one hundred and eleven years after the death of the last user. Unfortunately the Darklighters


In one tremendous gust of wind, the whole house was blown away. It ripped apart, and everyone was sent flying into the air, to far-away places.

JESS! cried a blond blur.

HELP! cried a red blur helplessly as she was sucked into a great black hole in the sky. The blackness of the hole was darker than the night-sky itself. Hadji tried to reach out to the red blur, but he couldnt quite reach it. He stretched further, and then started floating off the ground himself. And he could have sworn that he heard an evil, mocking laugh echo through his mind.

*Pathetic, youll never make it, * the voice laughed at him. He was flung into the hole after Jessie.

NO! HADJ! JESS! yelled the blond blur. Jonny Quest jumped in after his family. It seems that no matter how many times Race says, No heroics this guy will never give up playing hero.

PHOEBUS! yelled Esmeralda frantically. Do something, you you idiot! Your wife is

She never got to finish the sentence. She was sucked into another hole at the same time as Hadji floated off the ground. Phoebus was sucked in too.

The young supernatural stood there sadly. There was nothing she could do any more. She would be punished for trying to save a doomed world the penalty for going against Destiny was living death.

Shaggy and Scooby were sucked into a blue-green tornado that acted as a time and place scrambler as they screamed like they had never screamed before in their lives. But at least they ended up in a place on their own world, unlike the others.

Shaggy and Scooby were at the gates of Agrabah. It was the day of the wedding of Her Royal Highness Princess Jasmine, only daughter of His Most Honorable Bountiful Merciful Excellency His Royal Highness the Sultan, to um, Aladdin. [Sorry people, the guy in question hasnt got any title or last names even; hes this lousy street-rat with fleas called Aladdin. We dont like him. Okay, I dont like him because he hasnt got a fancy title like Jasmine.]

As for the others

[SCENE: We approach a planet covered with snow. It is dreadfully cold, but there is an atmosphere and there is air so thats better than nothing. It is in Dimension S [Suthi, since our names are both with S, and our only reader, Stef Penoni also has a name starting with S, I think Im justified in choosing this letter]. If we look very close, on one of the higher altitude areas, we see 3 tiny specks against the snow. As we look even closer, we see they are teenagers from Earth. A girl and two boys. They are conversing.]

JONNY Q: Okay, lets analyze our situation.

JESSIE B: Oh, stop pretending to be Dr. Quest.

HADJI S <sigh>:

JQ: Fine, I get the idea. Whats our position?

JB: Dumb?

JQ <ignoring JB>: We are stuck in some stupid place covered with snow, the temperature rapidly decreasing.

JB&HS: Right.

JQ: There is no sign of human habitation anywhere.

JB&HS: Right.

JQ: We have no supplies or shelter and our wrist communicators have gone zonkers.

HS: Zonkers?

JB: Another word to add to the Extensive Jonny Quest Dictionary.

JQ: I meant bonkers.

JB&HS: Our wrist communicators are currently not functioning in the expected mechanical manner.

JQ: Yeah whatever. We have no way to reach anyone or to call for help.

JB&HS: Right.

JQ: We have a brilliant plan to get out of here, defeat the bad guys, find out Mortichas secret, make Esmeralda and Phoebus get along, find Scrappy, and to get to Nova Scotia before Dad figures out we went a little off the course.

JB <cough>: I think this is EXACTLY where you lose us.

JQ: All right, heres a suggestion: we keep moving, so well keep warm and put some distance between us. Who knows, we might even find someone to help us.

JB: Excellent.

JQ: Whats so bad about that?

JB: Which way, Columbus?

JQ: Uhthat way.

JB: Great, lets go.

JQ <surprised>: No argument?
JB: If I had a better idea, *then* Id argue.

[They walk on. Suddenly HS slips as the snow moves. JQ&JB each grab one side and heave him up out of harms way.]

JQ: Whew, I was scared wed lose you back there. Dont ever scare me like that again!

HS: Believe me, my friend, I did not enjoy myself either.

JB: Uh, guys?

JQ&HS: Yes Jessie?

JB: Have you ever heard of snow-seas?

JQ: Snow-seas? Ha ha thats a good one

HS: Ummy friend, she is not joking.

JQ: Oh, come on, Hadji, were in the

[WHOOSH. It turns out that at the point HS slipped was the edge and now they are carried off into the snow-sea. It is exactly like a sea on Earth, just imagine huge white fluffy waves instead of blue shimmering ones. The GUYS are all drenched and half-frozen and about to die, but of course that does NOT prevent JB from yelling at JQ]

JB: and you think Im the type of person to crack jokes just when Hadji was about to die? You lousy

HS: Should we not try to get out of this fix mfmm [HS got a blast of a snow wave in his face. Just then, all three detect a sinister movement in the sea.]

JQ: Guys, do ya suppose there are <gulp> other creatures on this planet?



Meanwhile in Agrabah Shaggy and Scooby are trying to figure out where they are.

"Where rar re Raggy?"

"Jeepers, I don't know, but wherever this place is its better to end up here then to end up somewhere else like a haunted house or something. Lets just stay calm and try to find others....wherever they are now," said Shaggy.
"MAKE WAY FOR THE NEW SULTAN OF AGRABAH!" roared a giant voice. Shaggy and Scooby looked to the direction the voice was coming from , but there was too much crowd in the way, jumping happily and yelling something in a weird language.

"Allah bless the couple!" screamed a fat Arabian man into Shaggy's face.

"Alright! I mean chill out man, what is going on here? And what couple?" asked Shaggy to the fat stranger who just yelled into his face like a madman.

"Don't you know, her Royal Highness Princess Jasmine is being wed to Agrabah's new Sultan Aladdin!" replied the fat stranger. Shaggy and Scooby squeezed out of the crowd and walked into an alley, for the purpose of having some privacy in order to work things out.

"Boy! That guy back there sure can use a bottle of Listerine. His breath is worse than he city dump!" said Shaggy showing a nasty face to indicate the awfulness of that man's breath. Scooby snickered after what Shaggy just said.

"Good thing that no one noticed us. Guess they were too busy cheering some couple...Aladdin? Hey! Aladdin the king of thieves?! I've heard about him as well as his tale. Maybe he and the princess can help us! Lets go to back door of the palace and try to bribe our way in," said Shaggy happily. Scooby just followed along. He had this doubt about the whole thing, I mean how can they help?
In the meantime lets go take a look of what become of Esmeralda and Phoebus.

"Oh this is just Great! Of all the people and of all the places, I have to be stuck with you in a graveyard," said Esmeralda sternly. Phoebus was not paying any attention to her blabbering, he merely walked around and suddenly stopped at one of the tombstone and shouted, "Hey I think I found something here. Esmeralda, come quick!" Esmeralda ran to the tombstone that Phoebus was, and to her surprise there was a small blue dog collar lying on top of it and labeled Scrappy.

"This belongs to Scrappy! So now at least we know that one of us are somewhere around here," said Esmeralda with glee.

"Don't get too happy just yet because I think we have company," replied Phoebus nervously. There was someone walking toward them. And what a ghastly sight! It has dirty blond hair, thin, and it has no eyelids! From distance Esmeralda and Phoebus can tell that it was a boy. Just then the strange boy started smiling - an evil smile with blood dripping from the neck and teeth.

"Oh God, was that kid sucking the blood from his neck or something?" asked Phoebus as he and Esmeralda slowly paced back as the creature step closer to them.

"Damn! That's the boy I saw in the mansion that I had mistaken him for Jonny! The eyes! And that smile!" screamed Esmeralda in fear. In a split of a second Phoebus and Esmeralda ran like the wind. Jumping over tombstones and graves. Both of them climbed a very tall tree near a river and hid up there for the whole night.

"This is another of your stupid idea Phoebus. Do you think ghosts can't climb trees?" questioned Esmeralda.

"O.K. its a dumb idea, but do you rather stay down there where the ghost can just walk right into you? At least we lost that ghost boy now. And beside we have to figure out what this place is, and what has become of the others," answered Phoebus. Both of them slept on the tall tree and wait until morning to start surveying the area.
            O.K., to tell the truth Esmeralda and her wonderful hubby were NOT completely safe sleeping on that tree. You see, although ghosts dont like trees, snakes do.

To get to the point, there was a huge python coiled upon the branch next to Phoebus. This python, named Kaa [Jungle book reference], is usually pretty hungry. And he is especially hungry now because the last time he ever tried to eat anything was ages ago, when he tried swallowing Mowgli. So you see, he is very hungry.

Our friend Kaa wakes up at dawn, when ghosts arent (usually) around. He yawns, stretching his fearfully enormous okay, ENORMOUS jaws wide apart. They were humongous. They were incredible. They were gargantuan. They were okay, I think we get the idea. After scarily yawning, he blinks, and turns his head. He spots Phoebus on the branch next to him.

This is not good for Phoebus. But Phoebus is happily snoring away, not in the least aware of the fact that he was within ten inches of instant death. Fortunately for our friend Phoebus, he snores so loudly that he awakens the already VERY grouchy Esmeralda.

Just in time. Her eyes widen at the sight of the twelve-foot python staring at her face. She stares for only one second, then leaps and flings herself and Phoebus off the tree. They land with a loud *thump* on the ground. They are safely out of danger, and Phoebus is about to wake up. Esmeralda breathes a deep sigh of relief.

But her breath gets stuck in her throat as she realizes on what Phoebus and she are lying on. They are in the midst of a sea of corpses. A whole ocean of dead, rotting men on bloodstained grass.

Esmeralda gave one loud, hysterical, piercing scream. Then she collapsed from the sight and stench of the dead bodies surrounding her. She clutched Scrappys collar in her right hand, and frantically started retching till she had nothing left to vomit. Phoebus was STILL asleep.

*I dont believe this. * thought Esmeralda in her dizzy, sick state. *Wake up, you idiot! Youre lying in the midst of hundreds of corpses, a twelve-foot python over your head, a strange blood-drinking ghost hidden somewhere, Scrappys dead body probably somewhere else here in this graveyard, and you actually SNORE? Phoebus! Wake up! *

            Unfortunately, Phoebus was in an enchanted sleep. Its not like ghosts cant climb trees after all.


[SCENE: The GUYS are huddling together, shivering. They are on a flimsy chunk of ice that isnt going to survive much longer. The snow-sea surrounds them, and a white, triangular shark-fin is circling their tiny bit of ice. JB has an ugly shark-bite on her leg, and JQ has one on his arm. HS has lost his turban and ruby.]

JQ: so lets look on the good side of things.

JB <really loses her temper>: GOOD SIDE? WHAT GOOD SIDE? We are sitting ducks on an itsy-bitsy fraction of an iceberg that it rapidly becoming smaller. We are in the middle of a sea of snow. We are on a completely different planet. We are wounded, without food, warm clothes, communication, ANYTHING. Jonny, were going to DIE. There is NO living creature save this GIGANTIC EATING-MACHINE OF A GREAT WHITE SHARK THAT HAS SCENTED OUR BLOOD AND WILL EAT US IN ONE GULP ANY MINUTE! And Mr. Overconfidence tells us to look at the GOOD SIDE! JONATHAN BENTON QUEST, YOU IRRATIONAL WINDBAG

[Snow-shark tips their bit of land. They all fall into the snow-sea]

JQ <girlish high-pitched voice>: AAAIIII!


HS: Man!

JB: Uh, Hadji, Im not sure this is the best time to start using slang like Jonny.

HS: NOI meant, theres a man!

[JB didnt hear because at the very moment, the snow-shark swallows her whole.]



JQ <REALLY panicking>: Forget about Jess, shes dead every man for himself!

HS: You coward! You traitor! Jessie was our

SNOW SHARK <BIG burp>: RRRRRAAAAHHHHHHRR!!! [Coming after them]

HS: Then again, maybe I agree!

[They swim like madmen. Hey, they ARE madmen.]

JQ: Look! That man or whatever he is, hes throwing a rope to save us! Catch it!

HS: Got it! Grab my legs, Jonny!

JQ <muttering to himself>: That sounded so gay.

[The person who threw the rope pulls them to land (hardened ice, what else) and JQ&HS lie panting on the snow-shore. Their rescuer is a big man wearing white, thick, soft furs all over.]

JQ: Hadj?

HS: Yes, my friend?

JQ: When we explain what happened back there to Dad and Race, dont mention what I said about forgetting Jessie.

HS: Of course, my friend. I will just say that you overreacted and could not save her.

JQ: That sounds pretty good.

HS: But that does not mean I will not tell the truth when asked. For the truth will set you free.

JQ: You traitor.

Esmeralda was getting vicious at Phoebus senseless body.

"Phoebus! Phoebus! Curse you! Wake up!" Phoebus started twitching but his eyes were not open. "Water, water, I need water to get this husband of mine on his feet. But where can I find any water around here?" Esmeralda has no choice but to scoop up some blood from the corpse beneath them and splattered them on the sound asleep Phoebus. After a minute Phoebus sprang up instantly.

"Holy Cow, whats that smell? Oh God why are there blood on my clothes?!" shouted Phoebus.

"Look its not my fault you know, you were not waking up after shouting and slapping you countless of times. So I decided that the best way to wake you up is to pour this stinking blood on you," replied Esmeralda.

"Well it sure works. Well I could have sued you for that, but then again there is too much to do, so I guess I have no time to be angry with anyone. Imagine pouring dead people's blood on your own husband's face," said Phoebus. And for the first time Esmeralda actually felt remorse. "After what you done to me Esmeralda I hope you would at least do one thing to compensate for what you have done," said Phoebus.

Esmeralda eyes suddenly grew wide and she look into his face with a puzzled looks and said, "Huh? What do you mean compensate? And beside I didn't do anything wrong. You deserved everything you got. But then again what is it you want me to do?"

Phoebus felt this was a good time to do back what she has done to him. And with a nasty sly smile he said, "The only thing I want you to do is to act nice to me for the rest of the journey. Work together, no nagging, nothing. Is it a deal?"

 "I don't believe what you just said. But if I don't consent then you'll never stop tempting me would you?" asked Esmeralda.

"So is that a yes? asked Phoebus. Esmeralda just gripped his sleeves and dragged him out of the corpse area and said, "Whatever, lets find a way out of here." And once again peace was bought back to this couple. Well, at least for now.
Meanwhile in Agrabah Shaggy and Scooby were trying to sneak into the palace in order to ask Aladdin for help. It was near
midnight. Shaggy and Scooby were trying to climb the wall into the palace. Finally they reached the top of the wall.

"Whew, man that was one long climb, now we have to try to climb down into the palace," whispered Shaggy to Scooby. When their feet nearly touched the floor of Jasmine's garden, they heard someone singing. It was a man and a woman's voice. Instantly Shag and Scoob ran and hid behind a bush. They took a glimpse and saw Jasmine and Aladdin singing with each other and saying crazy sweet nothings to each other's ears.

"Oh Rother!" said Scooby. Shaggy started giggling and said to Scooby, "Hey Scoob lets just wait until these crazy lovebirds are finish." Both of them started laughing silently and stayed hidden in the bush.
###################################################And in the sub-zero world, Jonny and Hadji were shivering and chattering from the frostbite and cold. They were staying in the lodge of the man that saved their lives. You see the man was no other than Dimitri himself (how the heck did he get here? Well lets imagine he and Anastasia accidentally ended up in this dimension the same way the Quest kids did.)
"Hey t-thanks mister for pulling us out of the snow," said Jonny shivering even under a blanket. Dimitri took off his thick coat and oh Boy! His size reduced by half.

"Hey Hadji, is this the same big guy that pulled us out of the snow?"

"Yes Jon-" Hadji didn't have time to finish his sentence for the house's door flung opened and a women in a thick coat entered.
"Anya, we have a couple of guests here. They were drowning in the ice water and luckily I pulled them out just in time," said Dimitri to his wife. Jonny and Hadji began explaining the whole story to Anastasia and Dimitri. And when it came to the part about Jessie, Anastasia was almost crying feeling sorry for Jessie who is a female like herself. Anya then said, "We have to track down that shark and it may lead us to your friend."

"But how can we? And beside we saw her eaten whole, how can anyone survive that?" replied Jonny.

"This is not our world Jonny, and anything is possible." said Dimitri.

Jessie shivered. She was covered in shark saliva and for anyone whos interested she was hanging on to the ciliated cubical epithelial layer in the esophagus. And if everyone remembers their biology correct, they know that there is mucus present too. So Jessie wasnt in the most delightful conditions. She wasnt in the most delightful of moods either.

That Jonny Quest, she muttered viciously. Giving that girly shriek and then saying, Forget about Jess, shes dead every man for himself! I dont believe it! I AH-ACHOO! She shook again. It wasnt as cold as it was out in the snow-sea, but her body was reacting to the mucus in the esophagus.  And a snow-sharks ideal temperature is WAY below a humans.

Okay, lets think, she said out loud, in an effort to stop herself from going berserk. If I go down, I reach the stomach, and the acid in the stomach of a shark is strong enough to burn away human flesh. So thats one escape route eliminated. If I go up, I can either go back out of the mouth, which is not a good idea since this thing has lots of teeth, or I can go up the Eustachian tube but does a shark have an Eustachian tube? Drat, I only learnt human biology! All right this creature has gills. That is to say oh, I give up! Im going to die here! Theres no chance except if someone kills this shark in at least two hours before I become hypothermic!

Poor Jessie was right. She was going to freeze very soon. Her temperature had already started going down.


We can track her with our wrist communicators, said Hadji uncertainly.

Jonny gave a snort. Yeah, Hadj, and tell me, is Jessie in one piece inside that monster? It had at least two-hundred teeth!

Anastasia looked thoughtful. But she was very small compared to the shark,

And she could have been swallowed whole, continued Dimitri.

We need to move fast, said Anastasia determinedly. Shell freeze to death soon if shes still in one piece.

IF, repeated Jonny.

Everyone gave him very mean stares. At length Hadji spoke.

It seems, my friend, that you do not truly wish to find her, he said icily.

Thats not true, protested Jonny.

Then what? Give a good reason for your conduct! said Anastasia angrily.

Jonny felt like a little boy. Because Im scared of the shark! he bawled out. Everyone face-faulted.

[Authors Note: If you people dont remember what a face-fault is, its when a character in a cartoon says sth silly or embarrassing, and the others just fall forward on to their face flat onto the floor. It happens a lot in mangas, e.g. Sailor Moon.]

Pushing through the heap of snow and ice. Racing through the gust of cold wind. Anastasia, Dimitri, Hadji, and Jonny were all wearing coats about 5 inches thick. With them was some kind of harpoon, an enormous shotgun containing sleeping drug, and a gigantic net. They all walked toward the main sea that Jessie was last seen.

In the meantime Esmeralda and that Phoebus were wandering in the middle of nowhere. The forest was dark, the sky was deep crimson with purple, and the only thing that could be smelt around was blood and dead bodies. As they walked further Esmeralda had this eerie feeling of someone following. Phoebus then said, "Hey I'm feeling extremely thirsty. Wait here a minute I'll go and take a drink at a small brook over there." Phoebus raced off, and Esmeralda was left alone. She was too proud to admit that she was scared. And more scared then ever. Since the ghostly Jonny she saw in the mansion, and then that ghost followed her there .Oh she was depressed and scared. Why did the ghost follow her? What did it want form her? She wished to follow Phoebus to the brook, but her pride prevented her from doing so. Just then a cool breeze started blowing. The odd thing is that the wind sounded like someone talking! And as a matter of fact, talking to her. She turned around looking where the sound was coming from. Suddenly she heard footsteps at the back of her. "Phoe-Phoebus, is th-that you?" said Esmeralda nervously without turning her back.

"Hello there." replied a chilling voice. Without turning to see who or what it was Esmeralda just ran to the brook Phoebus was drinking from.

"Hey Esmeralda! This brook has no water! Only blood! Hey! What are you doing?!" yelled Phoebus as Esmeralda raced to him and crashed into him causing him to fall into the bloody stream.

"Phoebus! I saw-"

"Great Esmeralda, great. You just have to bathe me with blood don't you? You sure got something against me." said Phoebus as he tried to climb out of the stream.

"Phoebus I saw I mean heard, the thing, the following-"

"Esmeralda, I think you better rest for awhile. You had a rough time getting over that freaky ghost you saw twice. Just take a nap beside this tree. I have to go get washed for the second time. Hope I can find some water now," responded Phoebus.

"Take a nap?! Are you out of your mind?! No way! And one more thing, you're not going anywhere! You're staying right here and keep an eye for the ghost!" shouted Esmeralda.

"Fine, fine. Just let me go and get my boot you knock off at the edge of the brook." Esmeralda was so freaked out. Before you know it she was sound asleep on the tree trunk. After a while Esmeralda was twitching and writhing.

"AW! Phoebus! You sure got cold clammy hands! Move your hand away from me!" uttered Esmeralda half-asleep. "Phoebus! Didn't you hear me?!" Esmeralda opened her eyes. But uh oh! That is not Phoebus. It has no feet. Pure white. And worst of all it was smiling an evil smile and sitting right beside her. "Phoebus! You fool! Where did you run off to now?!" screamed Esmeralda as she ran to search for him.

Esmeraldas heart beat hard in her chest, ringing in her ears; she could hear the blood pounding to her head; she frantically fled away from the horrible Phoebus ghoul that followed her, his rotting smell right behind her, as if he was breathing down her neck.

But he or it cant be really breathing because its a zombie, Esmeralda thought as she ran faster than she had ever run in her life.  They were running through the gloomy forest that had strange, crawling creatures with slimy legs all over the place. Esmeralda shuddered and dodged the strange thing that held a human hand dangling from its mouth. The hand was dead and rotting, and it was a fearsome sight. In the corner of her eye Esmeralda saw that it was a womans hand, and it had a shining ring on it. She ran faster. Help, me, someone, help me!

Then suddenly she ran out to a clearing, out of the forest of horrors, into a little patch of vile, rotting green grass. The sun shone upon her and the repulsive fake-Phoebus as they reached the little clearing. If it was a sun, that is. It was blood red and sinister in color and the whole sky gleamed a harsh copper color; there was a moon the same size of the sun shining deathly white.

Esmeralda gasped for breath; she was getting cramps; she couldnt run much farther. But she would never stop for the fear of that creature following her. She would rather run till her heart stopped in her chest from pure exhaustion than give in or live to stare at that beings face.

She saw a door standing there in the middle of the patch of grass. Just a door. You could walk all around it; youd think that there was nothing to that door; it couldnt lead anywhere. It just stood there, useless. But in many movies doors like these are magic doors.

Esmeralda was desperate. She was on the point of crying, and shed already seen too much magic to think that this door was useless. She flung it open; she could see right through the frame to the horrible world; she realized that it was a trick door; to make you hope that it was magical. It really was just a door made to slow you down. It was made for people to think that it was an opening to another, safer world, but it wasnt. It was a cruel joke.

Esmeralda let out a cry of despair, clear and loud. The fake-Phoebus reached out with his stench-filled hands to grab her.

Then, all of a sudden, there was a great light. It consumed everything, and snatched Esmeralda away. She felt a great relief spreading throughout her body.

Im safe, she said, and fell asleep.

            When she woke up, she found herself lying on a bed of heather at the top of a very high mountain. It was dark; early morning, before dawn. The whole surroundings were silent and peaceful. She stood up, and looked out into the distance. She saw a figure standing alone at the edge of a cliff on this mountain. She hurried towards the person; it was the only form of life she could see. Everything around her was eerily quiet. She could hear her own footsteps echo.

            The figure was about her height, and wearing a long, dark, hooded cloak. Esmeralda could see nothing of the person except for one slim hand, holding a long, slender white staff with strange carvings on it. It gave off a strange glow. Esmeralda gasped. This was the person who was trying to warn them just before the Mortichas house was blown away and she and Phoebus had ended up in that ghostly world!

            The cloaked person spoke. If you are thirsty, then there is a stream over there, she said, pointing with her staff. She didnt turn, but kept staring beyond the cliff.

Esmeralda scraped together the remains of her courage and spoke. Who what I want to know, she ended, confused and unsure.

The Gilchrists were meant to protect, the person said, not moving her eyes. But demons, led by Frollo

Frollo? But I thought

Yes, Frollo. Hes the leader of demons. He was very clever; he calculated the date that he could end the Gilchrist family, so that the death anniversary would fall on a full moon on a Friday the 13th. A vampire tried killing Gilbert, the son, but by some misfortune Gilbert was turned into a vampire himself. Frollo took advantage of that, since Gilbert wasnt human anymore. Frollo made Gilbert, who now only listened to evil, to kill his parents, so only Geraldine, his sister, was left. Frollo himself turned her into a demon at her own birthday party, and the demon-Geraldine turned all her guests into demons too. Then Gilbert froze time in that room because demons would have gotten in his way; they would have stopped his blood drinking. However, Gilbert the vampire soon killed off everyone in the village and neighborhood, so he had to lure travelers like Shaggy and Scooby along. That night, since it was a full moon night and Friday the thirteenth, there were some mix-ups in the time-line, and so you and Phoebus walked into the house. Phoebus and you actually belong to 200 years in the past. The sailor warriors came because they sensed the mix-up in time; the Quest kids came accidentally.

Butif Phoebus and I belong

I have to send you back.

Where is Phoebus?

There was a long silence. At length the hidden person replied.

You and Phoebus were in the Land of Decay, just at the boundary of Hell. Neither of you realized it, but Phoebus was put to an enchanted sleep on the tree. He couldnt have been wakened by anything.

But I woke him

With tainted blood.

What did the blood do?

That blood destroys your soul eventually. Esmeralda I cant bring Phoebus back. I cant fight death.

Esmeralda was in a state of shock. I killed him?

No. You couldnt have done anything anyway, since he was already put into an enchanted sleep.

Esmeralda was lost. She didnt know what to do, what to think. How to deal with it. I wont think about it now, she told herself firmly. If I do, Ill go crazy.

After spending ten minutes in trying to find her voice, Esmeralda spoke. What about the others? Arent you going to help them before something horrible like that happens again?

The mysterious figure sighed. I spent all yesterday searching through all times and worlds, looking for you all. I was told that if I could put you all back to the time and place you belong, then this mess could be fixed and we might be able to remove the Deads.

The Deadswhat are they?

They are like ghouls; they imitate humans, make themselves look grotesque and terrifying, and eventually kill the person they imitate.
Esmeralda looked aghast. Like the fake-Phoebus that chased me? Like the fake-Jonny that I saw, without eyelids?


Then then Jonny will die too?

Yes. Unless we find him first.

Then why arent you searching for him, for Petes sake! Esmeralda yelled, giving vent to her frustration and grief. More will die and you just just stand here!

The person was silent. Then she said, Come and look. She pointed in the direction of the end of the cliff.

Ermno thank Esmeralda hesitated. As we all may know, she developed a fear of heights ever since that terrifying flight across the Notre Dame cathedral with Quasi. But the mysterious person (lets call her M.P. from now) got hold of Esmeraldas arm and made her look down.

            Esmeralda freaked. They were WAY above the clouds, which were floating miles below. But there was something above the clouds, which was exactly what M.P. was looking intently at. It was like a kaleidoscope, colors swirling round and round.

What is it? asked Esmeralda, dizzy from fear of heights.

It is a way of looking at all time and place. A time-and-space scrambler was released, and it mixed up everything, sending you all to different planets and different ages. I found you first because I was looking at the most dangerous lands first. I cannot go search myself now because my strength increases and decreases as the sun rises and sets. So I watched all night from here. However, Merlin, Flora, Fauna, Merryweather and Cinderellas fairy godmother were searching all night.

Oh, said Esmeralda, feeling guilty that she had shouted at M.P. earlier. Then a thought came to her. Are you waiting for the sunrise?

Yes. Cinderellas fairy godmother cant travel during day; its the rule for fairy godmothers. Shell come here to rest and take care of you, and Merlin and I will fly together to look further. There are millions of planets, and we have to look in every time span.

Dawn was breaking. Esmeralda saw a blue dot in the distance zooming along. It flew frantically and crashed into a tree next to them. It was a big blue cloak, and there was a big person inside it.

Hello, dear. Ive been looking all night, and I got into the strangest situation with the polar bears in the North Pole just now It was Cinderellas fairy godmother. She was overweight, with a kind, smiling face, and she stood there shaking her skirts and straightening her frilly petticoats.

M.P.s face was still hidden, but she seemed to be smiling. Did you see Merlin?

Thats what I was coming to. I was assigned to Vicious Animal worlds, and Merlin was Dangerous Temperatures and Climates, wasnt it? We smashed into each other and a grouchy polar bear, and he was ever so bad-tempered about it

The bear or Merlin?

My sainted aunt! I meant Merlin, dear. But the bear was quite out of sorts tooanyway, I have an itsy-bitsy clue. The bears told us that they sensed some vibes in the parallel world in the Sth dimension; so I thought of going there, but Merlin said it was a sub-zero world, it was his responsibility. As we argued it out, that grouch of a wizard had the impudence to scream, Blow me to Bahamas! and you know how uncontrollable his powers are sometimes, dear, so of course, he WAS blown to the Bahamas. And then I realized it was getting morning, so I flew along. Im supposing Merlin is trying to blast himself out of the Bahamas.

M.P. sighed. Here come Flora and Fauna, she said. But wheres Merryweather?

Stuck on a cloud again, I expect, dear. Now, wheres my wand? Im sure I didnt put it away

Two shooting stars, one pink and one green, flew and landed on top of each other.

Now! Fauna! Im always telling you

A blue shooting star suddenly appeared, and landed on top of them. The first two stars yelled, MERRYWEATHER!

ORDER! shouted M.P. All three fairies got up and stood in a line. Cinderellas Fairy Godmother (lets call her CFG from here) was still digging around for her wand.

Now! Have any of you found anything? said M.P. strictly.

No, but started Fauna.

Have you found any clues?

No, but- started Fauna again.

Any suspicions? Ideas?

Yes, we have a little problem. Its about pie,

M.P. choked. PIE? Were fighting against a scrambler and trying to restore balance in the universe and youre worried about PIE?

Tell THEM that, said Fauna despairingly. Sure enough, Merryweather and Flora were squabbling. A large pie was hovering in the air.

STRAWBERRY! shrieked Flora. She sent pink sparks to the pie. The pie gave delicious strawberry smells.

NO! BLUEBERRY! Merryweather yelled back. She shot blue sparks and instantly, heavenly blueberry smells wafted.



STOP! yelled M.P. She waved her white staff in the air and said,

Berries of pink or blue,

Berries of blue or pink,

This battle should make you

Ashamed, I think.

Pies or pumpkins,

Pumpkins or pies

All shall end in the bins

After flying to the skies.

The big pie exploded, letting out a lot of warm blueberry filling.

You ought to be ashamed of yourselves, added CFG indignantly. Her wand was stuck in the folds of her hood. Her hood had pie remains.

Alright, everyone quiet. Wheres Merlin? Oh, silly me, I forgot to call. MERLIN! I WANT YOU HERE NOW, YOU BALLISTIC MAGICIAN! I WISH YOU WERE HERE!

Immediately a comet headed in their direction, burst through the kaleidoscope, and landed next to her. It was an old man wearing scuba-diving equipment. He had sunglasses on too.

Hello, my dear. I was having the MOST interesting time while I was stuck in the Bahamas

Forget it, Merlin, weve got planning to do. Ive looked around quite a bit from my kaleidoscope, and I think we should do an extensive search of the Sth dimension. Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather will do that. Also, I think we ought to look in the Arabian Nights book its been acting kind of hyper.

At this everyone looked at a big, heavy book with hard binding and a beautiful cover (sort of like the Book of Shadows from Charmed, only with lots of jewels and gems and precious stones) with the words, Arabian Nights: Shahrazads Stories written in large, curling letters. It shook and vibrated and gave off light.

Shahrazad sent it to me during the night she saw there was something going on, and thought this might help. Merlin and I will sift through the stories with CFG watching in case something goes wrong. They say one of the scheming sorceresses can give a lot of trouble. Okay, everyone, lets go!

What about me? asked Esmeralda.

Youll stay with me, dear, said CFG.

Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, still squabbling, shot off to Dimension S, where Jonny, Jessie, Hadji, Anastasia and Dimitri were.

Well, my dear? said Merlin. Shall I?

Go ahead, replied M.P.

Merlin coughed importantly. Ahem. He clapped his hands, and the big book floated upwards; it opened to the first page. There was no writing, no contents page. Only pictures. Large, beautiful pictures. As Esmeralda stared at the perfect, beautiful drawings, she realized they were moving.

And off we go! cried Merlin, beard wobbling. Ladies first! He straightened his cap and tried to prevent his glasses from falling off. M.P. jumped in to the book; Esmeralda later explained that she didnt shrink and the book didnt become larger; M.P. just ENTERED the book. Merlin jumped after her, and his beard got stuck at the corner of the page. The two of them became little painted people who dashed through the pages, running fast. The pages turned over, faster and faster, till everything was a blur; Esmeralda couldnt follow the story anymore, the pictures just shot past. At page 57, a lot of blue could be seen. It was 2 pages after the beginning of another story.

My sainted aunt! Its the sea! gasped CFG.

Whyits Sinbads stories! cried Esmeralda.

Exactly! Oh, calamity, can that wretched old man swim in his ridiculous clothes?

(Merlin was in bright green knee-length shorts and a flowery, gaudy, sleeveless shirt try to imagine an old man with sunglasses and a baseball cap wearing something like the Baha men in Who let the dogs out? with his long white beard flowing down)

It was now apparent that the two had to run through all the stories and try find one of the lost people. And we know that those stories lasted ONE THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS. So we have a long way to go before they get to Aladdin, which was one of Shahrazads later tales to Shahriar.

Well, Esmeralda and CFG were sitting comfortably on a beautiful paradise-like meadow waiting for the news and return of Merlin, the three fairies, and Klinda (the unnamed M.P. I decided to make her look like and be the enchantress in the beginning of Beauty and the Beast).

Let's take a look of what has become of the fairies and the Quests.

The Fairies flew across the cold, windy sky in search of the Quest kids and their friends. Suddenly they saw a group of tiny objects gathering at the edge of a frozen ocean. The three of them flew as fast as they could to reach the objects in case they started to do something insane. The objects were Jonny, Hadji, Anastasia, and her husband.

They were about to head out to sea in search of Jessie.  

"STOP!" yelled the three good Fairies. "Who? Wha -? What are you?" shouted the four of them.  "Don't be afraid, mortals. We are the three good fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. We came here to help you," answered Flora. 

"Lord! This is too much! First a haunted house, then this sub-zero world, and now fairies?! I'm getting dizzy," said Jonny rubbing his head. Anastasia then continued the talk. "Please, we are in desperate need of your aid! We four are trapped in this frozen world and I don't know how. All I know is that a portal transported us here. And now an ice shark in this very ocean in front of us swallowed a member of these two boys. We don't know if she is dead or alive but we must help her in both ways. Please help us!"   "We will surely help you, child. Just wait here, we will burst that beast's stomach and let your friend out," replied Merryweather. 

"No! Don't kill the poor beast!" yelped Jonny stupidly. Everyone narrowed their eyes to him.

Off they went toward the sea. Coincidentally the shark came up to the surface of the water to gobble some fish. The three fairies chanted some spell and with their magic wand point toward the shark. The funny thing is that the magic wand didn't kill the shark. Instead the magic ray forced the shark to open its jaw and out came Jessie.

"Well girls, sure was a weird spell but at least the girl is safe," said Fauna sweetly.  They made a small cushion seat made of cloud and let Jessie lie down on it. The fairies made the cushion float with Jessie on top of it and then the four of them started to fly back to the gang who are waiting for their return. On the way Fauna explained everything to Jessie. However, Jessie was so cold and tired, naturally since she was trapped in the shark for more than an hour and so fell fast asleep on the cloud cushion right after Fauna have explained the whole thing.

Meanwhile Merlin and Klinda appeared in the alley that Shaggy and Scooby were hiding before.

"Where are they?" questioned Klinda. 

"Hmm, according to my magic of time.... I think they are already inside the palace of Aladdin and Jasmine. "

"Well, lets go then," said Klinda.

She started to leap into the air to fly to the palace, but Merlin stopped her. We must be INCONSPICUOUS! he hissed.

Klinda rolled her eyes. (We can see her now since she has tossed off the hood of her cloak thingamajig). Look, Merlin, I hate to question your opinion, but this is Aladdin, a magical story in Shahrazads book. People here are used to magic. Plus, if I remember correctly, there is a big blue

Suddenly spotlight shone on the two of them. Did you say BIG? Did you say BLUE? Well then, I guess you must be looking for me! Spotlight then revealed the Genie himself.

There was a lot of applause from nowhere. Flowers appeared from thin air and showered over all three of them.

Klinda and Merlin stared at a tall, blue-skinned lump wearing a flashy suit and a gold earring.

Oh, dear, said Klinda to herself. She covered her hair and head again.

Ermis this a big species of Smurf or is it started Merlin.

Klinda nodded. Its the Genie,

Glad you remembered me tell me, where did we last meet? The Flamingo club at the French Riviera?

Noactually, I think we last saw each other when you were selling squeaky toys under Belles kitchen window. Listen, anyway, Merlin and I are looking for a few friends of ours; they were lost somewhere in Agrabah She trailed off. Genie had turned into Sherlock Holmes with blue skin.

Look, I had a long hard day yesterday with the Mask, or Stanley as some know him. Dont put on another act for me, warned Klinda.

Merlin was having an uncomfortable time since some street-rats came to stare at his Bahaman shirt and green dungarees and sunglasses. But they left after a little while. I mean, you get used to anything, living in the same city as the Genie, Jafar the genie, Iago, and the King of Thieves. Sides, the wedding celebrations were going on for seven days already, and the Genie had transformed the whole city with lights and pictures and flowers and banners and

So the good citizens of Agrabah just couldnt be surprised by anything anymore. Anyway, lets get back to Klinda, the genie, and Merlin.

Klinda grabbed the big blue lug and shoved him into the alley she and Merlin had just come out of. Merlin stayed out in the street, nonchalantly polishing his sunglasses. A second later Klindas other arm appeared and grabbed his collar, dragging him backwards into the alley.

Look, old fellow, I know you want to go back to sunbathing but weve got work, said Klinda sternly. Now, Genie, are you SURE you didnt see anyone who looks like this? She pulled out a poster-picture of Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy out of thin air.

No, replied the Genie, being serious for a minute. The whole town has been PARTYING He exploded; streamers, bits of colored paper, ribbons, champagne and whatnot appeared everywhere. The Genie himself started trumpeting with one head (there were two heads now) and singing with the other.


SHUT UP! hissed Klinda. She grabbed the beard from Genies singing head and made the decorations disappear. Merlin and I do NOT want to draw attention to ourselves uh, Merlin?

Merlin was asleep. Klindas face was still invisible because of the hood, but the way she was clutching the Genies neck showed she wasnt exactly delighted.

PleaseIm choking said the Genie, his eyes rolling and sweat pouring down his face.

Klinda suddenly blasted Merlin with lightening from her free hand. Merlin jumped up around 10 feet into the air, giving a Goofy-cry. The wind produced threw off Klindas hood. The Genie stared at her face, and dropped his jaw (and I mean that he REALLY dropped his jaw. Right onto the floor).

You youve got PURPLE eyes! he gasped.

Yes, I do, said Klinda, as if the Genie had just asked her if she had an umbrella. Merlin finally made it back to the ground. Klinda pursed her lips. Look, Merlin, I do realize that this is all very tiring for you, but we really must finish this. Now, you, blue guy, you are taking us to the palace for a little conference with the sultan, future sultan and the princess.

They vanished; the only trace left behind was a pair of mirrored sunglasses.

This is now a matter of controversy among various renowned archaeologists all over the world: a pair of sunglasses with Y2K written on it under the lost ruins of the ancient civilization of Agrabah. Sunglasses from the 20th century in the midst of the ruins of the 17th century. An interesting matter to discuss. How did it get there? Was there another team, or a group of people who had sneaked into this archaeological dig? How had they come in and explored, how had they been able to discreetly rearranged all the debris, including the layers of dust? Everything was exactly as if untouched for at least 300 years, even the glasses. But the sunglasses were right there, and extensive investigation proved that they came from a toy store in the Bahamas that had opened in the summer of 2000. That gave the owner two weeks at the most to fly secretly to the ruins of Agrabah, get into the heart of a certain alley, look all around, become distracted enough to drop his glasses, cover up all the footprints, replace all the dirt, and make the site look as if it was unearthed completely. Impossible. It seems that the mystery of the sunglasses shall remain unraveled, like the Marie Celeste true story.

To get back to Merlin and Klindas story, they arrived in the middle of Princess Jasmines suite (Suthi, it really is too large to be called a bedroom). Merlin and the Genie were bewildered, since it was Klinda really who was doing the magic. Klinda, however, was perfectly calm, and dusted her right sleeve. There were voices right outside the door. As Merlin and the Genie tried to recover, Princess Jasmine and Aladdin walked in, followed by a small menagerie. A large tiger with a monkey on its head and a bright red parrot being chased by sparrows, and finally, a magic carpet.

What who are you? said Jasmine, standing stock still in surprise. Then she saw the Genie. Oh, I understand, Genie, she said, smiling. This is another one of your shows. Well, were ready to watch. Aladdin didnt say anything; he was trying to end a war between a parrot, several sparrows, a monkey and a tiger. The carpet flew away to the ceiling for safety; Aladdin already had a lot of scratches.

Klinda winced and spoke. No, princess. I am the enchantress Klinda, and this is the great wizard Merlin. Excuse me; just allow me to Klinda shot sparks at the miniature war and separated everyone immediately. The tiger ended up next to Merlin, who was sitting flat on the floor looking for his sunglasses. The sparrows disappeared; Abu the monkey was placed on Aladdins shoulder, and Iago the parrot was on Jasmines.

Now that were all settled, please do me the honor of listening without interruptions. Here Klinda fixed her stare on the Genie and Iago.

Id like to ask your help, Prince and Princess

Unfortunately, Shag and Scooby were dealing with the Captain of the Kings Guards, Gazul (?) himself (dont you get mad at him, with his bald head and dirty, missing teeth? Youd think Jasmine or the Sultan would have gotten rid of him already; I mean, hes always been rude and cruel to Aladdin).

No, really, we ARE from another world,

And Im the King of Thieves. Throw them into the dungeon.

YIKES! yelled Shaggy as he sprinted away.

RUNGEON! yelled Scooby as he followed.

"Don't we even get a trial for this?! We're telling the truth!" yelled Shaggy at the top of his lungs as he and Scooby were carried off to the dungeon by two lumpy guards.

And now lets take a look of what became of the gang in the sub-zero dimension.

"They're here! Theyre here!" shouted Anastasia with glee as the three good fairies flew across the sky with Jessie preparing for landing.

"Jess! Are we glad to see you!" said Jonny with a big grin.

"Ditto, I guess. Boy, I'm feeling a bit wearily after being trapped in there for more than I don't how long," replied Jessie.

"Here, cover yourself with this blanket, lets all head back to the lodge where we can talk," said Anastasia.

"Bu-but we can't do that now. There is no more time for talk. We must transport you all back to your world. But for now we can't do that because we need to combine powers with Merlin, Klinda, and another elderly fairy godmother (Cinderella's fairy godmother) in order to be able to open the main portal to your world. Once this main portal will open we'll have another problem on our hands and that is Frollo and the rest of his scum army who will stop at nothing to prevent us from opening the portal. Everyone must be present at the portal so Merryweather and Fauna will take you all to the meadow paradise where Esmeralda and Scrappy will be waiting along with CFG. I'll go and try to find Phoebus as well as provide back up to Klinda and Merlin. So Merryweather, Fauna take everyone to the meadow and wait for me, Merlin, and Klinda there. We will return back with Phoebus, Shaggy and his dog. Go now!" ordered the bossy Flora.

"Whats this all about?" questioned Jessie.

"We will explain everything to you on the way. Lets go now," said Anastasia. Fauna and Merryweather waved their magic wand in mid-air and "FLOOP" appeared a carriage made of clouds. Everyone climbed in and flew to the meadow paradise. And Flora headed to help Merlin and Klinda. After all little fairy like her cannot save Phoebus alone who is in the hand of the most powerful fiends.

In the dungeon Scooby and Shaggy are wailing and praying.

"I'm too young to die!" wailed Shaggy. Suddenly there was a light shining through the dungeon window. "Yikes! Ra Rhost!" yelped Scooby who just jumped on Shaggy.

"Relax friends we came here to help you. Just step into the light and you'll be free from the dungeon," said Merlin kindly.

"Merlin! Klinda! Quickly, transport these two to the meadow paradise and help me find Phoebus. We have no time to lose! We have to combine powers to open the main portal and Frollo might be there any minute," gasped Flora quite out of breath from the flight. Shag and Scoob were transported and the three head off to find Phoebus.

The three (Flora, Klinda, and Merlin) flew across the sky over the land of hell. They put some potion on themselves and turned invisible. They passed the guards unnoticed but the invisibility won't fool the leader Frollo. They wandered high and low in search of Phoebus but there was no sign of him. In all of a sudden they saw a bond of greenish fire with a man hanging from a crane on top of it. It was Phoebus! But Oh no. Hades was sitting right in front of the bond of fire guarding and eliminating any intruders who will try to rescue the prisoner.

"All right, here is the plan. First, one of us has to distract Hades. Then the other two will turn invisible and rescue Phoebus without drawing any attention from the rest of the ghoul guards," suggested Klinda.

"Well, that is a good idea but may I ask who will be the volunteer?" asked Merlin. Flora and Klinda narrowed their eyes at him and gave him a nasty smile. Klinda then said, "Well Merlin dear, since you're the only gentleman here, we'll give you the honor of gentleman and be our guest first. And beside I have a plan that will surely distract him and you don't have to break into a sweat." The three went nearer to the bond of fire and Merlin went into action. He was forced to dress in a ballet outfit with a blond wig and headed toward Hades throne while Klinda and Flora turn invisible and headed to free Phoebus. Hades did not notice them because he was busy staring at the weird woman skipping toward his throne, and the rest of the guards can't see Flora and Klinda when they are invisible.

"Whoa! What do we have here? An entertainer or a jester?!" mocked Hades. Everyone began to laugh at this and poor Merlin turned red and murmured to himself, "Oh boy, this is the most humiliating day of my life. Those fairies better appreciate what I'm going through for them."

Just then Klinda gave a signal to Merlin that they rescued Phoebus successfully and that he better bluff his way out now. Merlin can't think of a way out so what he did was tip toe backward and gave Hades a nervous smile as he did. This caused a greater laugh from Hades and his mob, so Merlin took that chance and ran away. However, as he was running away his wig blew off and revealed the sorcerer in sheep's clothing. Everyone stopped laughing as they saw this and Hades with a thunder wrath roared, "We've been tricked! Get them!" The ghouls followed Merlin, Flora, Klinda, and Phoebus and Hades went to summoned Frollo on the tower above.

Merlin, you blasted idiot! yelled Klinda as she leapt into the air, flying and carrying Phoebuss shoulders (Flora was carrying his legs). It must have been SO TERRIBLY DIFFICULT to keep one hand on your wig as you ran, huh? They were running higher and higher into the air, but a lot of roaring ghouls were trailing them, plus a banshee. Wait a sec, a banshee?

My dear girl, panted Merlin as he tried to fly higher to keep his pink frilly skirt out of the ghouls reach, you cannot know how difficult it was, in front of the King of the Underworld himself

But no one heard what excuse the un-prima-donna was giving, since by then, the banshee caught up with Merlins lace ribbons, and started shrieking.

It was shrill and loud and ear piercing and if any normal human was close, he or she would become deaf. AAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!! it yelled.

Flora fainted.

Naturally, Flora started falling downwards, unconscious.

And even more naturally, Phoebus started falling downwards. A big guy like him cant be carried easily, even between a good fairy and a powerful enchantress. So of course he started falling, and dragging Klinda down with him. Red-eyed gargoyles started snapping at his legs and at the end of Klindas shining dress.

FLORA! yelled Merlin and Klinda together.

The banshee screamed again.


Merlin obeyed obediently, and dived down into the air, his lacy white petticoats being grabbed by the teeth of a gargoyle. The gargoyle and he flew down together as he caught Floras unconscious form. Then they tried flying upward to join the battle in mid-air that Klinda was carrying out. She and Phoebus were being encircled slowly by the whole army of red-eyed gargoyles, bloodthirsty vampires, fiendish demons, and horrible, vicious ghouls. As one attacked, Klinda would immediately destroy it. (Think of Belle trying to hit each wolf that jumped at her and her horse in the forest, that snowy night she tried to run away from the beast. Phoebus is like the horse, Philippe, and Klinda is like Belle, only holding a magical staff instead of just a stick; Phoebus has been kept afloat in the air by magic). Merlin blasted a hole in the circle and swiftly reached Klinda to help her.  He placed Flora under the same spell as Phoebus and then joined the battle, They stood, back to back, destroying each monster that approached. The noise was unbearable.

Merlin, said Klinda as she vanquished a demon. <BZZT>

Yes? he answered as he battled with a rather troublesome gargoyle. <BOOM>

Did you happen to notice that no matter how many we kill, the same number seems to remain?

Merely delusional, my dear. In battle, when a being is in the midst and has been subjected to

It isnt my imagination <BZZT> BACK, YOU MENACE! she yelled at a vampire and shot a ray of sunlight <WHOOSH> at him. He turned into dust; but now a gargoyle approached. Merlin, were all with the power of invisibility I made you invisible too when you dropped the wig so just tell me, WHY CAN THESE VILLAINS SEE US?

Klinda, my dear, I DONT KNOW!




Klinda, dear, then what do you propose we do?

DUH, Merlin, isnt it obvious?

Oh nodo I have to wear a pink tutu again?

No, Merlin, we do a group disappearance. You get Phoebus, and Ill get Flora and well get to the gate immediately. At the count of three!

Thats a relief, but, -


Klinda dear, one little thing


have you seen my sunglasses?



Klinda disappeared. Merlin stayed for 10 seconds to make sure his sunglasses werent there, then shot off like a comet on a broomstick. Unfortunately, the frilly pink skirt that kept showing under his respectable wizard robes got stuck on one end, so he went a little off course. All right, to be honest, he had COMPLETELY lost control. (So now we all know what shooting stars REALLY are, and why they can make wishes come true.)

YYOOODDDLLLLLAAAIIIHHHHIIIIHHIII! he cried as he spun like a mini-tornado past the whole solar system of the dead world, holding on to Phoebuss unconscious form.

                As Merlin crashed into the meadow paradise (unfortunately he crashed with Phoebuss body on top of him, so he definitely was not having fun), he saw that Klinda had already arrived and Flora had regained consciousness. Hades had also arrived, and he and Klinda were having a big fight. Everyone else was watching, and Esmeralda ran to Phoebuss unconscious form as she saw it crash on top of Merlin.

Is he going to be alright? panted Esmeralda as she dragged Phoebus off poor Merlin.

Eryes, I suppose so, said Merlin, picking up his broken glasses.

In the meanwhile Klinda and Hades were carrying out the biggest argument of the millenium.


Oh, and what was Merlin doing in MY territory, wearing a BALLERINA COSTUME?

How should I know what Merlin was doing there? Hes not my slave! And how do you know it wasnt your pathetic slaves dressing up for fun?


Oh really? Then what do you call them? Klinda suddenly transformed into a mirror image of Hades, and shouted with Hades voice, PAIN! PANIC!

Two goblin sort of creatures appeared, falling on top of each other. YEOW! Pain! cried one.

And Panic! yelled the other.

Reporting for duty! they said together. The next minute they were confused. They saw the real Hades and the Klinda-Hades. Both were exactly alike. Klinda-Hades smiled an evil grin and started speaking before the real Hades recovered.

As you see this is an imposter. Take him and accidentally shove him into the river of the dead. Oh, and get rid of Frollo too. Im getting tired of him.

Now wait a second, I think youre the imposter, Ms. Smarty-pants, said Hades. Take HER, shes the imposter.

Hes right, uh, how do we know which ones which? asked Pain, scratching his head in confusion.

Well, isnt it obvious? said Klinda-Hades. HES the one whos saying she so he must be the imposter. And CANT YOU THINK FOR YOURSELF! GET HIM AND FROLLO, THROW THEM INTO THE RIVER BEFORE I LOSE MY TEMPER! Klinda-Hades had suddenly grown large and dangerous and fiery and angry. She roasted the real Hades, Pain, and Panic.

Eryes, right away, Pain and Panic grabbed the real Hades, thinking he was the fake one, off to throw him and Frollo into the river of the dead. I mean, they werent exactly smart enough to figure out Klinda-Hades argument and her explosion was pretty scary.

Klinda-Hades turned back into the hooded person holding a white staff. I think its time to go home.

Her cloak melted away to reveal a beautiful enchantress. Merlin, CFG, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather came and they all joined hands to make a circle. They closed their eyes and slowly each of them gave a glow. The light from each of them made a great portal in the middle. The portal began sucking in all of them; Scooby, Scrappy, Shaggy, Esmeralda clutching Phoebus, and Jonny and Hadji supporting Jessie between them.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ONE WEEK LATER ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Jessie, Hadji and Jonny were in a pizzeria in New York. They were going to meet each Dr. Quest and Race at the Empire State Building in an hour.

Jonny extricated another piece of pizza. So tell me, he said, twiddling with the cheesy strands, are you BOTH sure you cant remember ANYTHING of what happened after we crashed onto the second foggy island?

Jessie swatted him. We already told, you, Bleach-head! Im beginning to think that bleach has infiltrated your brain

Look, for the last time, my hair color is natural!

Yeah, sooner or later youre going to tell us youre human too


My friends, please, try not to argue for one meal, Hadji cut in.

Youre right, Hadji, said Jessie. Im sorry, I just feel so tired and I feel so ill after Jesses voice trailed off as she stared at some people who had just come in.

After what? Jess, what are you staring at? Jonny asked. He then saw the new customers as they took the table next to them. There was a skinny, tall guy about Hadjis age, with a scruff of a goatee on his chin, wearing bellbottom trousers and a green T-shirt. With him were a fully-grown Great Dane with a collar saying, Scooby Doo, and a puppy with a collar saying Scrappy Doo. They were ordering three extra large pizzas with cheesy crusts and lots of pepperoni and cheese. Jessie broke out of her reverie.

Excuse mebut do we know you?

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*