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Updated: Nov.22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!
Greetings all, welcome to the Cuddly Clan website where you will find assorted things to do from reading ghost stories to meddling with cool potions.
This is a personal website where the three of us webmistresses put all our creative ideas to contribute this unique clan.
If reading stories featuring Jonny Quest does not appeal to you, then perhaps Mulan or Lara Croft will. Try going to the Stories section and read a few sypnosis of the stories we wrote. There are ghost stories where we heard from people that may be both real or simply legend and it's worth the time to take a look at .
In addition if you simply want fun activities ,then browse our Gallery page where you can view cute pictures of Snoopy and Garfield to the Disney princesses.
Ok we will leave you alone now so please go ahead and tour around our site and we would really appreciate it if you take the time to sign our Guest Book before you leave. Hope you will enjoy your stay here ^_^