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Spells & Potions

Recipes and Potions that can be used in daily life:
[NOTE: No guarantee that they'll work : )]


This page will show (eventually) a lot of strange recipes for daily life. Most of the recipes are a mixture of voodoo, Oriental magic and our own imagination, but one is most certainly real. Which one? Try and find out!
If these actually work - which I doubt - write to us for a remedy or counter-spell.

Take a ritual bath and add 2 table spoons of sea salt to the water. This will help you to relax. Then meditate on the spell that you are about to perform, for a few minutes. After you are focused and relaxed and begin your spell work.
Before using candles in a spell each candle must be charged & annointed with annointing oil (olive oil will do). This is done by placing some of the oil on your fingertips. Grasp the candle at its midpoint with your left hand, and use your right index finger and thumb to stroke oil on the candle from the midpoint up to the top of the candle. Next, grasp the candle at its midpoint with your right hand, and use your left index finger and thumb to stroke oil on the candle from the midpoint down to the bottom of the candle. Continue with this until the entire candle has been annointed. While annointing your candle, visualize the purpose of your magickal undertaking. As you continue to stroke your candle concentrate on sending your energy down your arms, wrists, hands, and fingers, and from your fingers into the candle. Continue doing this until you feel that you are ready to take the next step. Your candle has now been charged with your personal energy and magickal intent. Repeat this proceedure with each candle you use in a spell. Always use fresh unused candles in your spells.

(Psalm 133)

     Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brothers and
     sisters to dwell together in unity. It is like the precious
     ointment upon the head and the fivefold kiss of the God
     that brings the energies of Divinity into the seeker.