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Cuddly Clan
Death in the Bathroom
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  It was the last day of school before the summer vacation. Every kid joyfully went on the school bus ready to get home. However, there was a girl named Mary that was still in school because she had to use the restroom. The janitors and cleaners began locking every door and were prepared to go on vacation. Mary was still in the bathroom when unluckily, the janitor locked the bathroom door that she was in. Now the entire school was gone, every single one, except Mary. When she finally realized that she was trapped, she bangged and shouted and kicked the door,but no one could hear her.
        Two months passed until the school opened again. When the cleaners started opening the bathroom doors one of them smelled foulish and  rotten. It was Mary. She was dead. Two months in the bathroom, with no food, and and no water since the main water supplies  were closed.
Legends say that if you say "Mary Bloody" three times when you are alone in the bathroom with your lights off, she will appear. But remember to stare at the mirror and splash sprinkles of water on the mirror while calling her name three times. Mary...Bloody.