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Cuddly Clan
Under the Bed
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     When my mother was little she loved to lie on the cold marble floor. It was hot in my country and sleeping on a cool surface is sure soothing. My grandmother (her mother) told her numerous times not to sleep on the cold surface for too long, but still my mother would not listen to her.
     One night in the mid of June, the weather was deadly hot even during the night. My mother went to sleep on the floor with her pillow. In the middle of the night the weather started getting chilly so my mother decided to go up on the bed and snug under the blanket. When she opened her eyes to get up she saw something under the bed in front of her. Remember she was sleeping on the floor so naturally she could see what was under the bed that stood in front of her. Anyway as my mother stared harder she realized that there was somebody under her bed. She was greatly shocked and still gaped at the thing under the bed. She told me it was like a big woman wearing a pyjamas smiling at her. My mother face was turned pale and the woman even smiled more.She was playing with my mom.With her nerves nearly lost my mother quickly ran to my grandma's room and told her of the creepy thing. My grandmother as well as my grandpa, and my mom's sisters all went to look under the bed but saw nothing. My grandmother poked a broom under to see if anything was hiding, but still nothing. However, my mother being the smallest in size among her sisters, bent under the bed and saw the 'thing' curled up into a ball to avoid being poked with the broom.
           It was then that my mom never slept or lied on the floor again, especially if there was a bed beside her.