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Cuddly Clan
The Factory
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   This is another story  told by my mother about the time when she was young.
        My mother liked to play hide-and-seek with her brothers and sisters, and where else was the perfect place to play than the printing factory with stacks of paper to hide in.
        The printing factory's door was open most of the time even during the night because back then burglars were not likely to steal papers and obviously they couldn't carry the gigantic printing machines, so the door was open with no worry of theft. My mother used to play there often and nothing had ever happened to her until one faithful night. My mother went to the factory with her brothers, sisters, and a couple of friends. They were six people in all. And it was about nine P.M that time. So the game began. My mom's brother was supposed to be the seeker and the rest were supposed to hide. For the first few hours the kids were having so much fun. They were hiding under piles of papers and behind the machines.Suddenly,something began to go wrong. Each person noticed that they were ten shadows running around. My mother and the rest are seperated since they are hiding at their spot.Each of them noticed the shadows casted on the wall with nobody to own them.There were six in all,then what are those ten extra shadows? Its every man for himself.Everybody ran out of the factory back home.The next morning when my mother and her brothers and sisters told the story to their parents , my grandmother (their mother) said that the game hide-and-seek should never be played at night because somebody will be playing with you too. My uncle who was the seeker that night said that he ran home after meeting a couple of weird shadows casted on the wall in the factory.So my mother and the rest of the children were hiding and playing with a ghost!