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Stranger in the Elevator 2
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 A girl was coming home late one night after her night school college had finished. By the time she reached her apartment it was already passed midnight. Her apartment was on the eight floor so she needed to use the elevator. As she went inside the elevator she heard a low sound like someone laughing at her. She was a bit shocked and hastily went in the elevator. Inside she pressed the button to go to her floor. However, as the elevator reached the second floor it stopped and the door opened. The girl was confused because she could have sworn that she pressed number eight not two. So she pressed the button again, and the cable began moving again. But then the same thing happened as the elevator reached the third floor and the fifth and sixth. The elevator just stopped and the door opened. Feeling quite scared now the girl ran up to her room using the stairs. As she entered her room, her mother was waitning for her at the dinner table under a low lit lantern. The girl quickly told her mom the story and told her to come see the eerie elevator with her. The mother followed the girl without saying a word and together they both went inside the elevator. As the elevator was moving the girl's mother seemed to be avoiding making eye contact with her daughter. So the girl asked her mother,"Hey mom are you okay? Why are you turning away from me?" The mother slowly  turned toward her daughter and said in a low hoarse tone, "Do you think I'm your mother?"