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Cuddly Clan
Trap in the Basement

  The bell had rang, a girl remembered that she had forgotten her gym clothes in the basement.
  She went down to the school basement to get her gym clothes before the school closed for vacation. She was searching under piles of junk for her clothes when suddenly she heard the door slam shut. She ran as fast as she could to the door but it was too late. The whole school was gone except her.
  After serveral months the custodian opened the basement and he smelled something rotten. Aghast and surprised, he saw the girl's body dead on the floor and a writing on the wall. The writing was as follows:
"I can tolerate my hunger, I can tolerate my loneliness,
but I cannot tolerate THE EYE  that was looking at me"
  This proves that someone or something must have been peeping through the keyhole for months and would not help the girl, and that pyscho or whatever it was had watched her until she died.