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  A man who is now a succesful film director told us  a real spooky event that occured to him during his childhood.This man I will refer to him as " M"
  When M was four,he  lived in a village with his parents who worked in the city.Everyday when M returned home at about 5 p.m from the village school he would have to boil rice,do his homework,and wait for his parents to get home to cook him dinner.This was a routine, however, a faithful day had arrived.On that day M's next door neighbor who was an old lady had passed away.
   So that evening as usual M came home from school and did his normal routine.But then while waiting for the rice to boil,M suddenly had an attack of stomach ache.Because this story happened in a village twenty years ago,there weren't any toilets or proper tap water available. In order to do any business related to the bathroom you have to go to the forest and do your business there.So this was what M did.He went deep into the forest,dug a hole in the ground as a toilet and sat down to do his "business".As M sat down he heard a branch snap crack.He looked around to see which tree just broke it's branch,but he couldn't find any.As he was sitting he suddenly saw something like strands of gray hair just above his forehead. With fear to the bones ,M looked up and saw the dead old neighbor lady with red eyes,long hair,sitting on top  of the tree looking down at him!
At that instant M just got up,put on his pants and ran home as fast as he could.
This is a true story , and is proven a fact........