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To Obtain an Essential Amount of Money:

             Take five short green candles and ten coins -- if you work in dollars, then quarters are good -- and wash the coins in warm seawater (or just saltwater). Take five saucers and arrange them in a circle, then place one quarter in the middle of each saucer.
             With a little melted wax,  stick a lit candle on top of each coin. Arrange the five other coins in a star shape inside the circle, with the apex facing away from you.
I need [amount of money] immediately.
             Imagine colourful five-pointed starlight glowing from the candle flames. For some minutes imagine coins pouring from the flames. Let the candles burn themselves out. If you REALLY need the money, it'll come. When it does, thank the spirits of the mystic world for listening.

A Hagstone:

This is a stone with a hole in the center, a hole made naturally and not by people. It is good as an amulet to ward off evil; if you accidentally find a hagstone, it signifies that luck is on your side. Alternatively it can serve as a Wishing Stone.

Wishing Stone Spell

          Wash the stone in running water to cleanse it. Write you wish, with chalk or pen, on the stone. What you wish for is now "written in stone". Make sure your request is precise (not general or vague) and leaves no room for loopholes.
          When the sun is setting, face the west and embed the stone in soil. Beside it place a piece of blue cord, blue cotton or blue ribbon with a knot to represent your wish. Fill the hole in the stone with allspice. Sprinkle the spell with water and speak your wish while you cover it with soil.
          The winds of change will bring your wish to you. Do not doubt or think about your wish after you have buried your stone.

Other signs:
~ To find a key is VERY lucky. It means the opening of the door to love, marriage, work, or even a specific object like a new car.
~ To find a horseshoe is pretty lucky; to find a horseshoe with nails is evn better. Each nail represents a year of luck.
~ A needle accidentally dropped and found poking upwards means you'll have a visitor before the end of the day. Pick up the needle and keep it, because:

Find a pin, pick it up,
And all day long you'll have good luck.

Ways of getting rid of bad luck:
1~ Take a walk and pick up seven small dried twigs, one for each day of the week. Traditionally, the twigs should be:
Monday: Ash
Tuesday: Beeech
Wednesday: Elm
Thursday: Oak
Friday: Horse Chestnut
Saturday: Yew
Sunday: Elder
Take them home and snap them into little pieces. Then throw them into the fireplace or a bonefire to burn, and say:

Ill luck is broken,
As these words are spoken.

2~ Take three small jars and nine garlic cloves and lots of thorns from a white rose bush. Stick thorns into each clove and put three cloves in each jar. Bury each jar within the sight of a church porch while saying the Lord's Prayer.