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Cuddly Clan
Self-Protection & Defence

Spell for Self-Protection

Three Bay leaves
Three Apples
One teaspoon of dried powdered Basil
One teaspoon of Black Pepper that you have crushed yourself
One Teaspoon Cumin powder
Seven Cloves, also crushed into powder yourself
A four-leaf  Clover
A branch of fresh Juniper, preferably broken off yourself
Three sprigs of fresh Sage
A handful of Marigold petals torn yourself
Also needed:
A sharp knife (athame, but a kitchen knife will do)
A piece of chalk
A round-bottomed bowl of baked clay
A gas lighter (matches can make sparks that frighten good spirits away & awaken evil ones)
One white candle for protection
One black candle for absorbing negative energy
(Beforehand make sure all windows are open)
             Take the piece of chalk and mark out a circle on the floor. Sit in the middle of the circle and with the athame cut the three apples sideways in half so that you can see the star shape within. The five-pointed star here represents the devil, so cover the star shape with a bay leaf to block the evil and then put the other half of the apple on top. Place one apple directly in front of you on the border of the chalk circle and put the other two at the points you see as you look over your right and left shoulder. So you should have a chalk circle with the apples and bay leaves marking the points of an equilateral triangle on it.
             Place the black candle on your left and the white candle on your right, and light them with the gas lighter. In your mind think of yourself inside this circle and believe that no one can come within it or harm you. Believe that the God and Goddess will protect you.
             Then put the basil, black pepper, cumin powder, and clove powder in the clay bowl. Take the small branch of Juniper and set fire to it, so that the scent of it burning will ward off other evil spirits. Let the ashes fall into the clay bowl, and let the ingredients in the bowl catch fire from the juniper. Breathe in the smell of the ingredients burning. When they have turned into ashes dip the four leaf clover within it, then take one sprig of the sage and chew on it. After you have finished the sage in your mouth take the marigold petals and sprinkle them over the ashes. Take the second piece of sage into your mouth. After you finish that piece of sage take the athame or kitchen knife and stir the ashes and marigold petals together with clockwise, positive movements.  Eat the third piece of sage. Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by positive energy, preventing evil from getting to you. When the candles have burned out, stand up, pick up the bowl with the ashes and petals, and take it outside as an offering and let the wind carry it all away. But keep the four-leaf clover with you all the time. It keeps a part of the spell with you all the time.