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Cuddly Clan
A Christmas Tale

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The beginning of the journey...
It was a cold winter day in a little town called Corydon. There was snow everywhere, which gave by passers the idea to be walking on a giant white fluffy cloud. On the left side of the town there were vast plains while on the right there were high mountains, this gave the travelers an idea of living in a fairytale. The only color they could see around them was a very clean white, this was because the snow never stopped pouring and it brought the real Christmas spirit to the town. This town contains only 3 buildings for what they call outsiders: a Hotel called OutsidersO, a restaurant connected to the hotel called OsredistuO and a place that rents skis. The rest of the houses seem old and some of them even look abandoned, but all in all the inhabitants of the town are really friendly and welcome all the tourists.

These three buildings are connected forming a giant triangle and in the middle of this triangle there was a giant Christmas three with bright colored lights, lots of decorations and under it there were giant boxes shaped like presents with giant bows on top. At certain times, these boxes would open with this movement they would trigger some kind of machinery which played Christmas carols to attract people. Every night when the tourists get back to the hotel after a long days walk o ski, there are sounds of rocks rolling of the mountain making people think that there's an avalanche, actually its just a really loud sound system and is all part of what the hotel keepers call show. After dinner, the villagers would make all the tourists gather around the fire and the would tell them several myths about their village leaving some of the people in trance, but well talk about this later.

On vacation in this town are very peculiar people such as Mummified animals, juggling donkeys, Clowns and so forth. Practically anything stalking in your wildest imagination, from fairies to witches that perform real spells (we managed to save some of the spells they performed and added them to our Spells & Potions page for those of you who are interested). Although many peculiar people spent their time in this village there were normal tourists as well. As a matter of fact, the town is important also because of many famous people that visited it such as Helga, Beelzebub, George Washington and other celebrities.

In the mist, a group of people seems to be going into the hotel. As we came closer, we realized that these people were the "normal tourists" checking in the hotel. One of the guests was Lara Croft. She seems to be spending her vacation in this town for her holiday after the weary adventure in a village called Greensfield (See Story Section). She was carrying a purple-black sport bag, a brown leather knapsack, and some skiing equipment. She was wearing canvas pants, an Arctic styled coat, a thermal styled hat, and a pair of black boots. Beside her stood a couple of aged gentlemen and their wives.

As Lara handed the counter man her check in form, he handed her the room key in return. Lara was rather surprised that there were no bellboys to help her carry her belongings or at least show her the room. Not wanting to be rude because the counter man was busy with the rest of the guests, Lara decided to search for the room herself. She went inside this old wooden elevator and rode up to the fifth floor. It creaked and squeaked as it moved up. Definitely not a good place to stay in for long.
" Bang!" The elevator stopped on the fifth floor. Lara got out and tried to look for the room number 505. She walked along the hallway carpeted in deep red until she reached the end of the hall. But she still couldn't find the room. " I better go back to the lobby and ask the front desk guy", she said to herself.
When she was about to turn around to head back to the elevator, a person stood in the way and crashed into Lara, "Like a Ouch, why don't you look where you're heading lady?"
A brown paw helped her up. As Lara finally stood on her feet she saw a Great Dane and a hippy looking owner.
"Sorry, I didn't expect anyone to be wandering here," excused Lara.
" Well I guess we're sorry too, you see me and my dog Scooby, we were trying to search for our room and there was this creepy guy who keeps on following us", replied the one and only Shaggy.
" Scooby? Is that your dog's name? I'm Lara and since you're here can you please help me find the room #505?"
" Sure. Nice to meet you Lara. By the way I'm Shaggy and as you already know this is my best buddy Scooby," replied Shaggy.
The three of them wondered around the entire hall looking at every single room number. Finally, in the dark corner which Lara didn't approach yet stood the room 505. Shaggy found it and so beckoned to Lara from the other end of the hall. However, to their surprise as Lara tried to unlock the door with her key, there seem to be a chain holding the door back preventing it from being open.
"Who's there?" demanded a female voice from within the room. Lara and her two friends just froze there when the door was opened by a red haired girl.
"Uh, I think this is suppose to be my room," said Lara. The red haired girl stared back with curiosity in her eyes. The first words she said was "Shaggy! Scooby!" "Jessie?!" shouted both of them at the same time.
Jessie (the red haired girl) quickly invited them in. A small bark greeted the three as the came into the room. It was Bandit, the bull dog. Scooby and Shaggy were laughing as they do not expect to meet Jessie here.
"Jess, it's good to see you again after that creepy adventure we had with you and your friends. Like uh, I want to introduce you to Lara. She was supposed to be in this room. Like how come you got it instead?"
" I don't know, maybe we're supposed to share this room. After all it is a suite. Do I know you Lara? I could have sworn I saw you somewhere before." said Jessie
" I'm a tomb raider. I go on various expedition searching for the hidden answers from within the catacombs and tombs. I'm an archeologist in simple word .My last name is Croft. Right now I'm not digging up any artifacts because I'm on vacation. Does any of this information ring a bell of what you're thinking?"
"I knew it, I knew you are the famous Lara Croft. I'm Jessie Bannon. And I met Shaggy and Scooby while we're on this crazed spooky expedition which is hard to believe, but I guess that you, Miss Croft, also had these weird exciting adventure as well and so it wouldn't be much of a surprise."
"Raggy rime hungry," said Scooby miserably.
"Okay Scoob we're go search for some goodies at the dining room downstairs. See you girls later. And if you want anything we're in room 501.Like see ya," said Shaggy as he and Scooby went inside the elevator.

Meanwhile Lara and Jessie were arranging the drawers and bed. The snow was falling softly and this made Jessie decided to go skiing after they unpacked everything. She invited Lara who agreed to keep her company. Jessie was alone on this vacation since she wanted to completely relax without any pests bothering her.

After everything was ready, Jessie, Bandit, and Lara met Shaggy and Scooby in the lobby. They were having a nice chat about tomb and exploration which seem to be boring to Shaggy and Scoob due to the fact that they weren't paying any attention except to their gigantic sandwich. As the whole team was about to exit the hotel into the snow, a man-ish voice pleaded them to wait. When everyone turned around they saw that it was a queer looking man with a brown coat, blue jeans, black boots, and a pair sunglasses. Lara gaped as she saw this man. She couldn't believe that it was Johnny Bravo, the whacko who pestered her the whole expedition in Greensfield.Johnny dashed to Jessie and Lara and began saying," Hi ya pretty Lara; I see you bought yourself a pretty friend too. I'm Johnny the hero of women and mankind and...."
"Cut it out Johnny. How in the world did you get here? Were you following me?!" demanded Lara.
" I wish if I could, but this time I happened to come here because my mama advised me too. And cool! I get to meet pretty gals again," said Johnny stupidly.
"Anyway we're going for a nice ski. And if you want to come along stay out of trouble mister," answered Lara.
The whole team introduced each other but when they all were about to exit the door they were stopped again this time by an old man who was standing next to Lara earlier in the check in counter.
" If you don't want to die tonight, stay in here and lock your door and windows,"
This was all he said. It was good enough to make Shaggy and Scooby as well as Johnny hugged each other as they get a hair raise. Bandit sneered at the old man, while Lara and Jessie just look at each other with fright in their eyes.. .