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The poor twins were delivered to the retarded prison hospital.

"You'll pay for all this Melana! Everything is all because of you! You have to be dumb to fall for Smith, then confess everything to Lord Snoopy, plus act crazy in front of them and the result is we're sent to the lunatic prison! You betrayed our father, the great Genghis Khan, our dynasty, and me!"

Without another word Anaya put her hands over her face and started sobbing. Melana was totally wrecked and confused. Suddenly she started banging the wall with her fists and yelled out, "Smith! How can you do this to me!"
Both girls sank to the floor. None of them said anything at all. But,suddenly during the night Anaya heard footsteps coming toward their jail. A man in a mask and dark cloak stood in front of the jail door that the twins were in.
"Who are you?" said the twins quite shocked.
The mysterious mandidn't say anything. He lifted up a big sword and burst the lock open. He pointed out the door and
Anaya and Melana were quite shocked and surprised, they just followed the hooded man out of the prison.

Meanwhile, Pocahontas is doing her hair for thewedding. Jessie and Crystal are arranging the bouquet, Snoopy shining the wedding ring, and Max greeting the guests.

"What is this? Ratcliffe is invited to the wedding?!" said Jessie as she picked up an invitation card on the dressing table.
"Well, I know it's a dumb thing to do, but I wanted to. After all it's the Zins that cause most of the problems so far. And I don't want to make any more enemies, so why can't we all forget the past and be friends." replied Pocahontas stupidly.
"It's your wedding, and it's your choice Pocahontas." said Jessie. Jonny and Hadji were in the hotel room trying to open the portal to go back to Maine.
"Jonny this is the third time you opened the wrong portal. Let me do it my friend." said Hadji.
"And this Hadji, is your fourth try and you end up opening the portal to Smurfs world." replied Jonny sternly. Because Jessie and Snoopy operated most of this type of program, it's a bit confusing for them.
"Well, I think I finally got it, Jonny," said Hadji.
"You're not going anywhere fools!"
Jonny and Hadji turned around to see who the speaker was.
"Omigosh! It's the twins!" shouted Jonny.
"How did you escape?" said Hadji trying to be calm.

Melana laughed nastily and said, "Allow us to present our rescuer."

The hooded man stepped forward and unhooded himself.

"Oh No. Not You, Shun-Yu! The Huns Leader! How did you come here?! I thought we closed all the portal," said Jonny in shock.

"It doesn't matter how he came here brat. The point is we are all here to return to our time in the future. And I see you have the portal ready open for us!" said Anaya.

"With Shun-Yu, we three will create more destruction in the future as well as the past." shouted Melana in joy. The three villains stepped into the portal.

Jonny and Hadji tried to prevent them, but meet with no success. But before they stepped into the portal completely, Anaya said, "We shall meet again Hadji Singh."

"Count on it!" added Melana.

They both laughed wickedly and disappeared into the portal.

"NO! Hadj, we must do something! Bring them back!"

But Hadji said calmly, "Not to worry my friend, I forgot to tell you that I accidentally open the portal to Smurfs world again. And now the time portalis totally locked up, which means they will be stuck there forever."

Jonny and Hadji laughed non-stop for 10 minutes. They left a note on the table to Jessie, telling her the whole thing and this time Hadji finally open the right time portal, and Jonny and himself went through it to return to

their real time. At 10 A.M. Pocahontas and Smith was pronounced man and wife.Surprisingly Ratcliffe cried during the wedding. Smith took his long love Pocahontas to a cool rich fancy house he received as a reward from the king.

Jessie, Snoopy, Crystal, and Max return to the hotel, where they all relax and talk before preparing to leave for their world. Crystal and Jessie go to their room and take off their bridesmaids' gowns, and Crystal puts on her

normal lab coat while Jessie puts on her green outfit (girls, frankly I'm sick of pink and Jesse's pink outfit).
"I can't believe that Ratcliffe actually cried at the ceremony," said Jessie.

"At first I thought he was pretending but then I realised he was really moved."

"Yeah‚¶It's funny how cruel people like him can actually feel." Said Crystal, smiling.

"Huh? Crystal, he was crying because King James forced him to pay partly for the house Pocahontas and Captain Smith are in," said Jessie.

"He's lost all his fortune by giving half a wedding present."

"Oh‚¶But he was also moved by the ceremony, didn't you see?"
"Yeah; his speech was really something, don't you think so? When he said that he was glad that after all the hardships -"

"Girls? Can I come in?" said Max, knocking on the door.

"Yes, what is it?" said Crystal.
"Hadji and Jonny are gone," he said as he entered. "They left a note for you, Jessie."

Jessie frowned and looked at it. Then she started whooping with laughter.

"HA HA HA‚¶Omigosh, I can't believe this," she said.

"What?" asked Max and Crystal, annoyed.

"Where's Snoopy?" said Jessie, gasping for breath.

"Here," said Snoopy, "What have those two done?"

"Well, they were trying to go home, but they couldn't make it, they don't have the touch for time portals, so they accidentally let out the Zin twins and Shun-Yu."

"Oh no!" said Max and Crystal at the same time.

"But here comes the best part," said Jessie, giggling hard. "Hadji opened the portal to the Smurfs world and the three of them went in there. They're stuck with Smurfs forever."

"I thought there was some portal momement, at the wedding," said Snoopy as he started eating his dinner.


Meanwhile, in the passage to the Smurfs world:

Anaya, Melana and Shun-Yu are walking down a green, grassy path. They are not quite through the portal. But they can hear very irritating music:

"Wel-come to Smurfy World, Welcome Everyone!" It was a group of squeaky voices. It drove the three crazy. Shun-Yu grunted and swung his sword around in anger. Melana was still on the bridge of insane and hysterical.

"What are those idiots singing that rubbish for!" she screamed.

"It's enough to drive a person crazy!"

"Which you are," muttered Anaya who had covered her ears with her hands.

"What was that?" shrieked Melana.

"The truth, you hypocritical lovesick idiot!" Anaya shrieked back.






Suddenly they found themselves flat on the ground with sword tips at their throats.

"Now listen," breathed Shun-Yu, "I went through the trouble of getting you out of that lunatic asylum, and you don't keep your part of the bargain," he moved the sword tip even closer, "Where's your wonderful world? All I see is blue fools running around and singing,"Blue fools?" said Anaya and Melana at the same time.

"Blue little idiots, if you'd care to look."

Just then a blond blue skinned person, the only female present, wearing a white dress and awful high-heels, spotted them. "Papa Smurf, Papa Smurf!" she called.

A blue-skinned little man came. He was wearing red pant and a red cap, unlike the others, who all wore white. He approached the three villains with a big smile.

"Hello, strangers! It seems you have come to join our Spring Festival.Come, join the dance and sing along! It's not that hard. I'll introduce you to our small town later. Come on, just sing with me, friends! Wel-come to Smurfy World, Welcome Everyone!"




"Well, Crystal, I guess this is bye for now," said Jessie. "I'll visit you time to time, when things get settled down. It was nice knowing you, and I learnt a lot, thanks."

"You're welcome, Jessie, and it's not like I didn't learn a lot too," said Crystal.

"And anytime we need help saving the world, we'll check with Quest Enterprises," said Max.

"Anytime we need a replacement for Ace, we'll call you too," joked Crystal.

"All right, you two, enter the portal. We've waited long enough. Have you got everything?"

"Yup, right down to my maid-of-honour gown. I'm keeping it for memories,"

said Crystal, grinning. "You're taking yours too, right, Jessie?"

"Sure I am," she replied. "Now, you've got to go."

Crystal and Max disappeared into the portal.

"Now you go, Jessie," said Snoopy. "I'll take the portal key and go myself."

"Okay," she said, and got ready with all her stuff. "Am I‚¶Am I going to see

you again?" she said wistfully.

"Of course," replied Snoopy kindly. "I'll visit you time to time too. And you can always check the newspapers for my comics. You can buy my books.

"I'll miss you," she said, and hugged the cute beagle tight. She then stepped into the portal and disappeared. She reappeared in Maine, at the lighthouse.

The first people she saw were Race and Dr. Quest.

"Jessie, I was so worried," said Race as he hugged her. "Your mother called twelve times last night after Jonny and Hadji came back. We, uh, kind of, um, argued."

"Oh, damn." said Jessie. "I hope you guys aren't changing the custody arrangements?"

"Not yet," said Race uneasily.

"By the way, Dr. Quest, what day is today?"

Dr. Quest looked puzzled. "You left the Quest compound yesterday afternoon,Jonny and Hadji returned in the evening 6 hours later, and you returned 16 hours later, that is, it's eight o'clock in the morning now."

"Really? We stayed there for two months!"

"Well, Ponchita that's the history of Virginia and London 1609." Race said,grinning.

"Oh, right¶"


Snoopy is about to leave for his doghouse and Charlie Brown, Lucy, Woodstock, Linus & Co. He first talks to 007, James Bond.

"Agent 007, can you hear me?"

"Yes sir. We're expecting you every moment, here at the Secret Service."

"I just want you to inform the author-cartoonists, Suthi and Sanam, that I'm not signing another contract with them for a new adventure if it's all going to be without a lobster bisque dinner and Wagner and Beethoven concert,like this one was."

"Very well sir. Say that again, you won't do anything without a lobstermbisque dinner and Wagner and Beethoven concert?"
"Or any substitute for the food. I can accept giant creamed asparagus, smoked salmon, Kobe beefsteak"

The End