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Cuddly Clan
Stranger in the Elevator 1

This is a real story told by a man after he finished his work at the studio:
   I was going back to my hotel after I finshed my performance at the studio. It was about three o'clock in the morning when I finally arrived at my hotel. The hotel was empty with the exception of the reception person on the front desk who nearly dozed off already.Feeling sleepy and drowsy after a day's work,I just headed to the elevator to go to my room on the eight floor. As I was in the elevator I felt a sudden chill up my spine for no apparent reason. And to add more burden to my fear, the flashback of the story about a woman being murdered in the hotel a waiter told me made me feel worse than ever. Finally after the elevator stopped on my floor, the door opened and in front of me stood a pretty woman. I couldn't really see her face because the hotel's lights were dimly lit at this hour of night. There was only a small light bulb shone from the wall behind her head. I exit out of the elevator not paying any attention to her because she would have thought I was being rude by staring at her and besides I'm a married man. When I looked back to see her she was gone! I could have sworn it was only two seconds. I thought she might have been hiding behind the elevator's door so I peeked in,but she was not there.
  I just ignored this incident and headed to my room. After I was in my room I sat down immediately on the couch because my feet were killing me. Just then, I heard a knock on my door. I thought it was probably my personal manservant who came to check if I came back from the studio, so I just said out loud: "Come in, the door is not locked".
I waited. But,no one came in. I heard the knock again 'thump thump thump'. This time I approached the door and opened it. But no one was there. Weird. I waited next to the door in hope of the person knocking again and I would jump and opened it right away. It was like that person could read my mind, and the knock was there again. I immediately flung the door open,and still no one was there. I ran to the end of the hall and back to see if anyone was hiding, but no use. I started feeling scared. Again the same sound of the knock was at my door. This time I peeped through the eye hole instead of opening the door and to my horror I saw the woman that I encountered previously at the elevator. I was stiff from toes up to my head. I did not dare open the door. I waited till morning and told my friends about it. What really scared me the most was the fact that I did not realize I walked right pass a ghost since I got out of the elevator.