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Cuddly Clan
Somebody is in my shower
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   It was a hot summer evening in the mid of June,and everything was just perfect that month,until the incident of that night that  ruined everything.
    I came home from work at about six o'clock that night.I went to make my dinner and immediately after dinner I went to take a shower.Before I came out of the bathroom, I dried the entire floor and bathtub with a sponge since I don't want to slip on the wet floor.When it was finally 11 o'clock at night,I was lying on my bed ready to go to sleep. I switched off all the lights and closed all the doors, and was slumbering away.
       In the middle of the night, I'm not sure what  time, I heard water running somewhere. I thought I left a tap running, but it couldn't be. The sound of the water was like heavy sprinkles-like someone showering.I looked around my room and saw my bathroom light on ( I lived in an apartment and there was a bathroom in my bedroom). I got up from my bed and cautiously approached the bathroom. I could hear my shower running and the light dimly shone. Feeling scared, I just backed away and buried myself under the blanket to go to sleep. But I couldn't ! That was it , I ran to the bathroom and flung the door open. I nearly died of fright at that moment. The whole bathroom was wet as if someone was showering in there ,and I could have sworn I dried the entire bathroom before going to sleep. Definitely it wasn't a crook that broke in. I mean why would a burglar come all the way to my house to take a bath.There is only one explanation for this-- a ghost.