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When Rolfe comes along with the horse, Snoopy and Woodstock will be riding it(Snoopy is wearing sunglasses and a wrist communicator thing like in JQ). And
then Snoopy will be telling Pocahontas that Smith is alive, if she wants he can call Quest Enterprises to borrow a Hoverboard to take her to see him.
Then she will faint and Nikoma comes around and doesn't know what to do, so
Snoopy says, it's okay, he has everything under control, and calls Prince Charming(I don't remember his real name) and Aurora(Sleeping Beauty) to manage unconscious Pocahontas. Of course, they come in a helicopter flown by
Race Bannon, and Jessie will be in the back bickering with Jonny, while Hadji was trying to shut them up. Then, hidden in the background Anaya is having a discussion with Ratcliffe about what to do, with Elise offering her help if Hadji is the payment. Wiggins is her servant now, but she'd like Hadji too.
Anaya of course refuses to this deal, and then her cousin Mulan comes through a time portal asking, "Anaya, I hope you aren't doing anything wrong because our ancestors really wouldn't like it." Behind Mulan are of course Mushu and the cricket, which are having a nice conversation with Pikachu. The time portal is still open and we can hear Ash calling Pikachu. Anaya is irritated by her cousin, and says, "Look, just because you just defeated Hitler in
World War 3 or whatever doesn't mean you can order me around. Go find Melana, she can't be doing anything better."
In the meanwhile Aurora and her prince haven't been able to awaken P., so Snoopy casually sends them back with the Quest chopper. He is in charge of everything, and asks for a hot drink while Jonny is whining that they haven't
seen the Red Indian ghost he has been dreaming about. Jessie tells him to shut up, "it's your fault, bleach-head, that we couldn't see all the great artifacts and ways of life of the people here." Hadji sighs and reports to Dr. Quest that Mission 1 is aborted. They fly away and Elise and Anaya are having a real shouting match because Hadji's gone and they haven't sorted out
who's gonna have him. Elise is about to put an end to Anaya's miserable life when Mulan drags her cousin, Mushu and cricket through the portal and leave.
Wiggins looks nervous and Ratcliffe slips in the snow because of his fat. Ash makes it through the portal and finds Pikachu there watching the show of reviving Pocahontas. Snoopy brings out a walkie-talkie and starts talking:
"Hello, this is Agent Cute Beagle, in Virginia 1608. Contact 1 failed. I need Contact 2, over."
"Hello, sir, this is James Bond; our department already sent Contact 2. Over"
"Where did you locate Contact 2, Agent 007?"
"By the woods, sir. If you remember, we did not inform them of their mission."
"Okay, are they Cartoon Network, Disney, Warner Brothers or other?"
"Other. The big hit cartoon, sir, Pokemon."
"Fine, Agent Bond. Over and out."
The moment Pocahontas was electrified by Pikachu she becomes conscious again. Although her hair stands up like an eccentric person cause of the electric shock, other than that she is fine, but still a bit shocked. She sees Snoopy and tells him to re-explain the whole thing. He did. Rolfe comes into the scene. He still has the same reputation and character as he did.
Except now he has a greater feeling of affection for Pocahontas. Pocahontas leads Snoopy and Pikachu to her village. She introduces them to her father, who gets really shocked at seeing a dog talking and a weird cute-looking creature. Meanwhile Anaya escapes from Mulan and reenters Pocahontas World.
With her is Melana. Melana persuades her sister to leave her thoughts over Hadji. "Anaya just forget that Hadji. He is too dork and dumb for you. We have more important things to do, and remember it wasn't our father's will for you to have and like Hadji, but to kill him as well as the rest of the Quests."
"Melana stop speaking nonsense! And beside I escaped from that cousin Mulan of ours not for the purpose of seeing Hadji you know, I came to make a deal with that pig Ratcliffe."
"What deal, Anaya?"
"We will join force with that Rat boy, to make that Red Indian Pocahontas go to England and give the king of England a bad impression of her. And when the task is accomplished, Ratcliffe must share half of the reward with us, which is to rule over The New World and an army!"
"Yeah right Anaya, when you have the power the first thing you'll do is order one of your soldier kidnap Hadji to be your lov.... er!"
"Enough Melana, I wasn't even thinking of that. So will you help me? You'll get tons of soldiers under your command, plus we can use them to avenge the Quest according to our late father's command."
"Ha! You mean avenge all the Quests except Hadji right? Well all right I'll help you, but remember Hadji must be eliminated with the rest of the Quest, no exception, and no feeling or mercy for him!"
Anaya doesn't quite consent to this, but she tells Melana she'll think about it later. They both went to Ratcliffe and make a deal with him, which he agreed. But of course as we all know that Ratcliffe cannot be trusted.
Meanwhile Rolfe invited Powhatan to see the king, which Pocahontas went instead. Snoopy didn't prevent her from going because he knew that she has to go there in order to see John Smith even though Rolfe the pest will have to
come along. They didn't ride the Hoverboard because Snoopy's contact watch run out of battery so he couldn't contact with the Quests to borrow the Hoverboard. Pocahontas went abroad the ship, along with Miko, Flinch (?),
Percy, Pikachu, and Snoopy, but no Uti. During the journey aboard the ship, Rolfe grows a great affection for her, while she didn't even notice him. Her whole thought was of Smith whom she knew was alive. When she arrived in
England she was welcomed by the guests of honour which were Aurora and her prince Philip (They ask the Quest to bring then there to greet Pocahontas, it's too late for Snoopy to ask for the Hover board now since they have
already arrived in England), Aladdin and Jasmine, Kaylee and Garrett (Quest for Camelot), along with Belle her Prince, and the Centurions, Ha HA! Anaya and Melana were observing the whole scene. They were dressed in British gown as a disguise. Anaya at that moment got struck with an idea. "Melana is that man with the ponytail John Rolfe?"
"Yes Anaya...Why?"
"We're gonna deceive him into doing something that will make Pocahontas look bad in the king's and queen's eyes as well as himself."
"And may I ask Anaya, how are we're suppose to do that?"
"The same way I used it on Hadji as well as also used by that
charm. Except this time you'll do it Melana."
"You got to be kidding sister..."
****************************************************************************** Snoopy looks at the walkie-talkie in his CUTE paw with a bored but slightly puzzled look. "Agent Bond, are you sure that we have TWIN intruders through the portal?"
James Bond says yes, the CIA has definite information on this, because a crazy Chinese guy called 911 and said, "Genghis Khan will live on! My daughters will avenge the dynasty and they will do that by changing history!
You CIA people don't know how to do that, nyah ni nah--" {you know that irritating noise kids use when they show off that they're better?}
"So Agent Bond, what did you do?"
"We contacted Quest enterprises and the Centurions, sir. Do you want Captain
Planet too? We might have some trouble negotiating with Cartoon Network for
"No, that's all right. Did you tell Dr. Quest's son the importance of the mission?"
"No sir! We know how reckless he is. We can't carry out a mission with him."
"Very good. How can I contact with Crystal? I need expert information to be able to command the Centurions."
"Ace, the idiot with the scarf is supposed to carry a portable telecommunication device for you, sir."
"And I need a new wristwatch with transmitter and torchlight with extended battery operative."
"The red-haired girl has one for you. She also has several accessories from Dr. Quest, like translators, Sailor Mercury visors, laser guns, Jetsons'anti-gravity boots..."
"The pregnant young woman, Agent Bond?" (Ariel and Eric were there too, and
Ariel is very helpful because she understands how it is to try live a totally
different life)
"No sir! Jessica Bannon. She and Jonathon Quest, along with Hadji Singh, are
only going to be present throughout the mission, like the Centurions."
"All right. Is that all, 007?"
"Yes sir. Have a nice day. Hope it's not too cold for your poor nose."
"No, it's OK, that girl gave me a nice warm scarf. Over and out."
Snoopy turns to Woodstock. "Why don't you go home and guard my dinner,
I'm afraid Spike will take it."
Woodstock agrees, because he is tired of adventures and would like to go
home and sleep. Snoopy then goes and makes the secret signal to summon the
Centurions and the Quest team for instructions in his cabin. He sternly tells
Rolfe to make sure Pocahontas is settled in the nicest house in London. Of
the Centurions, the other two had to drag Ace away from a group of
good-looking women, and Jessie was desperately trying to hide the Hoverboard
that Jonny brought out in front of everyone. Hadji and she see Snoopy's
signal and drag Jonny along. In the meanwhile Anaya and Melana have met Smith
in disguise, and they are having a nice conversation, and Melana is falling
for him like Anaya is for Hadji. Smith is trying to figure out what are they
because obviously you aren't English if you wear the collar and sash
backward. And in the Quest Compound Dr. Q and Race are worrying even though
they are talking with their kids.
Anaya and Melana are still talking with Smith in a bar. And Smith is looking
puzzled as they talk on. They started explaining to him that they're from the
future and the purpose of them coming here is to help him as well as to help
Pocahontas. They tell him that she arrived in England a few days ago, by
force. Smith was shocked and said, "Who was the one that brought her here by
"John Rolfe, the two-faced fiend summoned by the king to bring the Indian
chief here." "You mean Pocahontas is here, right now in England?"
"Yes, but she's staying at Rolfe's place against her will. And we heard him
tell Pocahontas to act at his will or he'll lie to the king that Pocahontas
came to England for the purpose of insulting and declaring war to the king."
"Oh that barbarian! I'll see that he'll be taken care of."
"You do that John Smith and remember that Rolfe will deny everything, but you
must not listen to him because you know that we're telling the truth. You
know that we know this whole thing about Rolfe because we're from the future,
and we can prove it as you can see from our modern clothes and machines."
Melana handed him a laser gun, to show him some equipment from their time.
" I'll do what I believe is right," said Smith. Then he shook their hands in
good-bye and walk out of the. The twin's plan is to make Smith quarrel with
Rolfe, and then Melana will pretend to be good to Rolfe by sympathizing him.
She'll pretend she fought with Anaya and came to help him. The main thing of
this plan is to make Rolfe believe Melana has feelings for him and she'll
really want to help, and when he trusted her she can make him do things that
he'll think is right but is really wrong. Anaya and Melana went to hide in
their chopper, and Melana said something that shocked Anaya to the extreme.
She said, "You know Anaya that we shouldn't have lied to Smith."
"What are you saying sister?" "I mean it's the Quests and Pocahontas and
Rolfe that we want to destroy, not Smith."
"But Smith is our bait to make the whole thing go according to our plan.
Without him Pocahontas and Rolfe won't be eliminated and the history can't be
changed since its Pocahontas and Rolfe that will get married and continue the
history and we can't have that. Plus we can't get to rule an army and
Virginia if we don't do something"
"Anaya how do you know that Ratcliffe speaks as he meant about splitting the
reward with us?"
"Melana what's the matter with you? Don't tell me there is something going on
between you and Smith that you can't bear to see him get hurt! You were the
one who told me not to like any men or women except our dynasty, but look how
ironic are your words!"
"Anaya, what I said isn't ironical. I have no heart for love or sympathy. And
even if I have I'll tear it out of me. I am the descendant of Genghis Khan I
am ruled by an iron fist not by love."
" I hope that's true sister I trust you, but now we have to proceed on our
plan." The twins continue to make a plan inside their chopper until evening.
Meanwhile Snoopy is making a plan with the help of Mulan (who managed to
reenter Pocahontas's time when she tried to grip on Anaya's arm but loose
grip), Jessie, Max (in the Centurion) and Crystal in a cosy hotel room.
Jonny, Hadji, Ace, and Jake stayed in the opposite room. Because the money of
England was cost in real gold coins back then, the hotel room is very
expensive, so they can have only 2 rooms, one for the ladies and one for the
men. Max went to discuss the plan in the ladies' suite cause he's the oldest
and the most serious one among the men so it'll be O.K. for them to enter the
girl's room. And Snoopy being the leader so naturally he has to be there too.
Ace shouldn't even think about knocking on the ladies' door. Dr. Quest and
Race stayed in the Quest compound. Pocahontas stayed with Rolfe in his normal
house, and Smith is trying to find Pocahontas 's place. Anaya and Melana
slept in their helicopter, and when the sunrise for the next morning, the
Snoopy's team took their position to find out what Ratcliffe and the Zin
Twins are up to. And Melana tries to make herself known to Rolfe.
Snoopy was sitting in his director's chair with a bored look on his cute
face. Jonny Quest and Ace were having a nice conversation together about
women both staring at their favorites. Jessie is with Crystal learning about
the Centurions' technology, Mulan is making herbal tea for Snoopy because he
wanted to be calm and peaceful and besides this change of weather gave him a
slight cold. Hadji was meditating on the floor. Jake and Max are discussing
what to do to Ace once they get back to their own time. They all are waiting
for Rolfe to bring Pocahontas to discuss their plans, and they must decide
what to do because Ratcliffe has told a very nasty story about P to the King,
and Anaya and Melana were obviously a threat to Virginia and the world.
Snoopy has explained to Jessie, Mulan and Crystal that they must do things
very carefully so that they do not change the world completely. The past is
very important to the present, and the tiniest change might mean they would
never see their homes or families again. Of course the three understand, they
aren't obsessed with anything like Ace, Jonny, P, and Rolfe.
It is raining outside. Jessie is copying some diagrams onto her computer from
Crystal's and calls Jonny to monitor her as she goes into the Virtual Reality
thing. Jonny is like, "But Jess, I wanna see what it's like to fly Ace's
"Jeez Hotshot, can't you let me for once to see some things I want? Crystal
doesn't work with our type of systems."
"FINE...But can we bet on who'll win our next game in Questworld?"
"No," says Jessie, rolling her eyes "IRIS is everything ready?" She prepares
everything for getting into Questworld, and Jonny takes over at the last
moment. Snoopy quietly drinks the oolong tea Mulan brought him. He is sitting
in a chair that has been made very high by the number of cushions and
blankets for him, so it is like a small throne. Mulan joins Hadji's
meditation. They start talking in each other's minds.
"Hello, I detect another presence in my mind, who is it?" asked Hadji in his
"It's only me, Mulan."
"You can meditate as deeply as this? It's quite surprising, most people
"I thought maybe your brother or sister --?"
"Jonny will never be able to, and Jessie just doesn't bother yet."
"Tell me about the world you come from. According to Master Snoopy you come
from the future so you might know about me,"
"Yes, the story of Fa Mulan is in a very long Chinese ballad in our times. It
is a very admired work, but they do not believe you truly existed. You are a
legend in Chinese folklore. I can understand why." They continue talking in
each other's minds very peacefully. They don't notice Jesse's shouting at
"Jess, it was a joke! Come on, everyone looks so gloomy I thought I'd --"
"Now, cool off, you two," says Max tiredly. "We have enough on our hands
without your bickering."
Snoopy's whiskers twitched slightly. Crystal turns to him immediately,
completely ignoring Ace's antics to gain her attention. "Is something wrong,
"The atmosphere," said Snoopy softly. "I think there are some portals open. I
feel as if someone is using them. Check it out, now!"
Jessie and Crystal start hacking on their respective computers furiously.
"Got it!" they both cried out in triumph at the same time. They smiled at
each other for a moment. "You first, you're older and more accurate," said
"Thanks," said Crystal. "I have information on some type of equipment being
sent from Washington D.C. in 1999, to London, here in 1609. I can't recognise
the equipment. I've never worked with this type before."
"Well, I found out that Dr. Zin is transporting it here, to his daughters.
It's brainwashing equipment," added Jessie.
"Good work, girls," said Snoopy lazily.
"But brainwashing equipment? What if Anaya and Melana have that Red Indian
girl's lover and they brainwash him? Then they'll be able to control him, and
he'll control the Red Indian, and Virginia will be lost, and -" Jonny started
"I fully realise the consequences, thank you, young man," said Snoopy
sternly. "And people have names. Not 'Red Indian', call her Pocahontas. And
her 'lover' is Captain John Smith."
"Almost the same first name as me," said Jonny interestedly.
"What took you so long to realise our mission?" hissed Jessie.
"Funny, why did I think his name was Lieutenant Avery?" muttered Ace. He was
punched by Jake, Max and Crystal.
"First thing we do when we get back is to get a replacement for him," said
"Most definitely," said Max.
"Embarrassing us like that," said Jake, shaking his head. "And people knew us
for our efficiency."
"Snoopy?" asked Jessie quietly. "What are we gonna do about this? They're
still downloading. I can abort the mission."
"Yes, do that. Young man, go call your adopted brother and Fa Mulan."
Jonny left. Jessie started typing away like she had lost her mind. She had
got past most of the Zins' security systems, but she was now stuck with
finding the password. It was 279 characters long.
"Damn." She typed another command.
"Why is the stupid password 279 characters long?"
"Jessie, can I have a look?" asked Crystal.
"Sure, go ahead." Crystal kept going for 10 minutes and everyone was there,
staring at the screen, tense.
"In another few minutes, they will finish downloading.," said Hadji, very
nervous. Jessie was frantically pacing the room in thought. "Jonny, what do
you think of when someone says 'Zin'?"
"I think of two really hot girls with black hair and a pretty --" He shut up
under Jessie's glare. "Well, you think of how pathetic Genghis Khan is," he
offered weakly.
"YES! JONNY YOU'VE GOT IT!" Jessie gave him a hug and threw Crystal off the
chair. "IRIS I need first names of the descendents of Genghis Khan until
1999!" IRIS gave a whole long list that was nearly four lines long. "YESSS!
It's 279 characters long!" She quickly copied it and gave it as the password.
She was given access immediately and she stopped the downloading of the
brainwashing equipment.
Mulan, Hadji, Jake, & Max sighed with relief, and so did Crystal who had been
picked up from the floor by Ace where Jessie had flung her. They were kinda
hugging, but Crystal stopped it as soon as she realised what was happening.
Jonny was redder than anything you could imagine, right up to his ears. He
was savouring the moment Jessie had impulsively hugged him. Snoopy was
perfectly calm and smoothed his fur.
Just then Rolfe and P came in. " Sorry we're late," Rolfe said. "Did we miss
Everyone started laughing.

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