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Cuddly Clan
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Quest for the Zodiac Stones


When they woke up they found themselves on a deserted beach. (The picture of which I use as my wallpaper. Sigh. Wouldnt you love to be à la plage?) The sun was shining, the breeze blew gently, the clear turquoise waters made soft rippling noises, and there was a gigantic coral reef. Lara rubbed her eyes as she surveyed the new paradise. She squinted and wondered which stone they were supposed to find here. Then she remembered seeing colonies of fish guarding Pisces. Of course! Lara thought. She got up and dusted her clothes, then woke the others. Come on, people, we have --? Hey!

A bunch of camera crewman and a whole cast of actors in YELLOW bathing suits appeared, along with their agents, make up artists, stand-ins, etc. There was an ugly fat man wearing a flowered shirt, sunglasses, and holding a cone-shaped device in his right hand that Lara didnt immediately recognize

Until he used it to blast the ears of the whole group of fifty people on the beach.



Baywatch Hawaii?! said Lara in absolute shock. But were supposed to be in the Maldives!

No one paid attention to her because Johnny had already run off to flex his muscles for the actresses, who werent very impressed, since they worked with actors who had Johnnys physique. Donkey had gone off to talk to the director, whom he was trying to prove his talents to. Garfield was already in an isolated corner of the beach, sunbathing, and Terry had gone white in shock. Lara looked around her and saw red. GARFIELD! DONKEY! ALL OF YOU, GET BACK HERE, NOW!!!!

All of them ignored her. Muttering something under her breath, Lara dragged Terry along to the ocean and dived in, holding on to the back of his neck. They disappeared under the sparkling blue-green waves, near the red coral reef.

In the meanwhile, the fight scene choreographer was rehearsing some scenes with a couple of thugs with ski-masks and two of the actresses wearing their uniform i.e. the skimpy yellow bathing suit. [Note: In reality, you dont have to learn much to do fight scenes for this type of show. You only need to be able to kick straight.] The only problem here was that every time Stacie  (I think her real name was Tia Carrère or sth, or am I mixing her up with Sydney Fox?) grabbed one of the villains, Johnny intervened to save her. Under normal situations security wouldve been called in, but the director was having a BIG argument with David Hasselhoff, whom, as we know, is co-producer of the show.

By the time Terry and Lara submerged, clutching the Pisces stone, Donkey and Garfield had fallen asleep in the sun and the heated argument between the director and Hasselhoff continued, as the rest of the crew did pretty much what they liked. Most of them had already left.

Lara grabbed Johnny and Terry grabbed Garfield and Donkey, and they quietly slipped away. If you carefully watch the episode where Mitch dies then youll see a fuzzy orange cat, a gray donkey, a tall brown-haired woman and a tall black-haired teenager in the background. They seem to slowly disappear into nowhere in the middle of the other beach-occupants. "Oh man! I was about to become famous!" said Johnny disapointedly.

"Where are we this time? I'm tired of this stone searching!" complained Donkey.

The enviroment around them was similar to the previous one,except its an island and not a beach.The whole gang marched through thick vegetation and a damp air.

"Right, we are on an island in the middle of nowhere.And there seem not to be a single human life here.And....."  Lara was again cut off in the middle of her speech by a group of people running toward them.Lara and her friends bundled up in circle and prepared their weapons.Lara with her pistols.Terry with his batarang,Garfield with his claws,Donkey with his hooves,and Johnny with his scream. The people running toward them remind you of a barbaric tribe.They had  long shaggy hair,dark complexion, blood stained teeth, murdering black eyes,and they wore a dirty cloth for covering.There were about ten of them,surrounding Lara and her friends.

"Don't attack until they make their  first move ," whispered Lara to her team.

The barbarians cautiously approached them with their javelin and one of them shouted,"Strew jag nai? "(in Thai it means "enemy from where?") 

"What the heck are they saying?" said Terry to Lara.

"I don't know,but it doesn't sound very friendly."

"Move!" roared a man's voice from behind the crowd. He continued,"What are you doing  here starnger?"

Terry and Lara gulped hard,while Johnny,Garfield,and Donkey turned white as snow. This man who could speak English looked and dressed exactly like the barbarains,the only difference is his white skin.

Lara clenched her fists and tried hard to speak,"Um, sir,this is not what it seem.We are not intruders,we came to this island in search of an important artifact that can save a village."

"What kind of artifact? Do you mean you came here to steal?!" said the white man angrily.

Terry quickly cut in,"No,don't get us wrong,the artifact is just a stone,well not just a stone but..."

"Whatever it is you intruders can't have it!As the leader of Maiton, I order to leave!"

"Maiton?"said Donkey confusingly.

"Its what this island is called.And the people here are the Maitian. I read it somewhere that these people have the capability to speak Thai,Chinese,and even French," said Lara.

"You mean they're from those three countries?Doesn't look like it." said Terry

"No,they can speak those languages because first of all Thailand is just few miles away across the sea,and the Maitian sometimes seek refuge from the Chinese and the French there.Thats how they know all three languages."

"Lara,stop bragging your knowledge we're suppose to find a way out of here,"said Garfield. Lara between her teeth whispered,"Look kitty,I'm trying to keep them occupied so we can run."

"Very smart girl you are,but enough of this nonsense! Leave right now!"shouted the white man.

The barbarians surrounded them and pushed the javelins closer to team.Terry was trying to devised a plan and Lara just keep on talking to keep them occupied.

"How come you're the only white guy here?" questioned Lara to the white man.

"Thats none of your concern,I'm tired of this foolish game!I order you to leave now!"

Johnny suddenly saw something gleaming on top of a coconut tree,"Hey people I think I saw the zodiac stone on top of a coconut tree serveral meter ahead."

An idea pop in Terry's head.He quickly whispered it to his friends ears,"I have an idea,with my booster jet boot I can lift all of you out of this barbarians surrounding us.But since I won't be able to carry all of you for too long or too high,the minute I shout "Now" clinged to me and the minute we flew out of the barbarians surrounding,quickly run into the water and I will get the stone on that tree."

"You are trying my patience ," said the white man angrily.

"NOW!"Shouted Terry,and everyone clinged on Terry.They were all boosted three meter from the ground and four meter away from the tribal people.Everyone ran toward the water the moment they touched the ground and Terry flew in the other direction to get the stone.

"Stop them!"    But it was too late because Terry had already retreived the Capricorn stone and the portal opened for their escape.

Everyone ran towards the portal in despair that it would close or that the natives would catch up with them and follow them through the portal. Luckily our heroes were much faster than any of the Maitian natives and got through just in time but a spear went through the portal as well and it hit Johnny. Im going to die. They got me. Im dieing. Helppppppppppppppp! I need help, call a doctor. Im dieing cried Johnny. Donkey was so worried (like when Shrek got an arrow in his butt) he started running in circles and asked if there was anything he could do. Lara tried to calm him down but Donkey just went crazier and crazier. In the end Garfield, Terry & Lara pinned Donkey tied him up & blind folded him so that he would relax. Johnny had calmed down and thinking those were his last moment of life he started saying: I ask forgiveness to every pretty mama I met and I know you were all dreadfully in love with me but I cant accept all of your offers and so on.

Garfield, Lara and Terry then hurried to see if Johnny was hurt ( even though they thought he was exaggerating ). Terry noticed that the spear was showing on Johnnys back as well but Garfield noticed that it passed under his elbow. After he told Lara, he and Terry had a hard time holding her back from breaking the spear on Johnnys head and after a while her goal was accomplished. Johnny had passed out and everyone went and untied Donkey. Little did they know but they had already reached their destination: Greece.

They had landed in Greece but they didnt recognize it because at that time it was a polis, meaning that it was a city in which all the people would participate in political affairs except the slaves. They saw people orally telling stories to one another and that everyone would pass the stories on until the whole city had heard it so Lara deducted that they were in Greece.  Everyone was dressed in togas and found the way Terry, Johnny and Lara dressed really weird, so they decided to blend in. The found a merchant that was giving away togas in exchange for something precious from Asia, so they exchanged the spear for three togas and the merchant thought they were crazy exchanging such a precious relic for ONLY three togas.

Suddenly they saw about 20 years pass before them and they found themselves in an era when Greece had a political crisis and people were killed for expressing ideas that were new and opposing traditional beliefs. They passed through the period of Socrates death and through the period of Platos teaching then there the years stopped rushing forward and they took a look around.  Lara noticed that the political crisis had ended and that they were entering a new era : the Hellenism.  Alexander the Great had conquered Greece and polis dont exist anymore but Greece became an empire, creating an empire there is an individual behavior and everyone worries only about themselves.

Terry used a very technological gadget to communicate with the people. It was like an mp3 player but instead of playing music it would translate from English to any language in the world. He asked different people if they knew where he could find Aristotle. Everybodys answer was always the same: Aristotle is the son of a doctor and has scientific interests. He says that you can understand the world only if you explore and study it. He wrote an encyclopedia to study being in all its different ways. Terry would always interrupt them on that part and ask if they knew where to find him but everyone would just look at him, nod their head and turn away.

After having asked about 200 people, Lara asked if she could try. She went up to an old lady which answered: You must not disturb the master while he works for he may never get over it. But if you insist in knowing where he is, I will tell you. The master lives at the end of that road on the right but I warn you that you will face many perils before reaching him. Just what I like, some adventure for once said Lara.

The gang started walking up the road and on their way to find Aristotle they found lots of beasts like Hydras and they even passed Medusa, but Lara defeated them so fast that it seemed all she had to do was pin a cat.

At the end of the road they found a creature that said: If you want to pass this point I will ask you riddles, every time you answer one correctly you take a step front but when you answer wrong, its my turn to have fun. Since you are five people I will ask you six riddles and only one person has the chance to answer two times. Everyone was  a little worried because they all knew that Johnny was really stupid so they had to find a way to make him answer at least one riddle correctly.

The creature said: If you are ready now I will ask the first riddle.

Lara stepped forward and said: We are.

Creature: Riddle no. 1. At night they come without being fetched. And at day they are lost without being stolen.

Lara: I know the answer to this one. The stars. They come at night without being fetched and are lost by day without being stolen.

Creature: You are correct. I want that blonde boy with the Elvis hair to answer riddle no.2, he has three chances. <Everyone looked at Johnny with a shocked look on their face and crossed their fingers.>

Riddle no. 2.  I never was, am always to be, No one ever saw me, nor ever will, And yet I am the confidence of all

To live and breathe on this terrestrial ball.

Johnny: Um lets see, the future???

Creature: No 1 down, 2 to go

Johnny: Hmmm you have never seen me so could it be death???

Creature: Nope <It started getting an evil grin on its face while all Johnnys companions started worrying>

Johnny: Im sure I heard this one before ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . Maybe in kinder garden oh now I remember its TOMORROW.

The evil grin lifted from the creatures face and he said: Correct

Creature: Riddle no.3. Runs over fields and woods all day, Under the bed at night sits not alone, With long tongue hanging out, A-waiting for a bone.

Donkey: This ones easy its a dog

Creature: That is incorrect

Lara mumbled if it does everything I do then it must be something close to me like A SHOE she screamed.

Creature: You are on a roll, only two riddles and youre in. You have answered twice so you must remain silent for the next three questions. Riddle no.4. The beginning of eternity, The end of time and space, The beginning of the very end, And the end of every place

Terry: The beginning of eternity e, the end of space and time e, the beginning of the very end e, the end of every place e THE LETTER E

Creature: You only have two riddles left so cat & donkey, you have to think carefully. Riddle no.5. There was a green house, Inside the green house there was a white house, Inside the white house there was a red house. Inside the red house there were a lot of babies. Ill give you a hint: Its a fruit

Garfield: Im an expert of food and Im sure its a WATERMELON

Creature: Correct once again, now Riddle no.6. You are driving home, Your headlights are not working, You are in a deserted street with no one around, There is a cat in the middle of the road and There is no moon out, How do you avoid hitting the cat???

Donkey: This is an easy one, Im a donkey, I dont drive

Your answer is wrong said the Creature.

Donkey: Um I hear the cat cry

Creature: That is not the right answer either


Everyone looked and the creature, it bowed and let all of them pass. Everyone jumped on Donkey and told him he was great. Donkey was so happy that he didnt want to tell them that he saw the answer on a piece of paper on the floor in front of him someone must have dropped.

The Creature told them that Aristotle had created these riddles himself and that many people in that era didnt even know what a car was so they would run away when they reached the last riddle.

Johnny, Garfield & Donkey lead the way in with Terry and Lara following close behind hand in hand. When they reached the center of the field they noticed a cottage made out of wood with hay as the roof (like the one in Hansel and Gretel). They ran to it and knocked on the door. Aristotle answered and congratulated them for solving all the riddles. He explained that he was about to have lunch and that they were just in time. He invited them in and Terry explained about the zodiac sign. Aristotle looked more interested in the crabs he had prepared for lunch than listening to him so he told Terry they would talk about it after lunch. Everybody attacked their food, also because it was a long time that they hadnt eaten. After lunch Aristotle told them that he had found the zodiac sign in the meadow the other day and that he gave it to a pet of his that would exchange it for the necklace Johnny was wearing (he probably got it in hell when the greenies made him star in his own movie). Everyone agreed, they got the sign thanked Aristotle and went in the meadow where they found the portal open so they hoped in. They started celebrating because they only had two zodiac signs left to find.

As soon as they finished congratulating each other they landed in Italy, right next to the tower of Pisa where Galileo was conducting some experiments.

"Wow, I'm glad we don't have anymore crazy riddles to answer," said Terry. Just then an old stout man approached them and said, "The riddle is not over boy, try answering this one .... An apple a day keeps what away?"

Terry looked at Lara and Lara looked at the old man. Everyone was silent. The old man snickered:       " Heheh, you're not as smart as I thought you would be," and he headed off.

"That guy is weird," said Terry.

"Furthermore his riddle was stupid and childish," added Garfield.

Everyone knew that they were in Italy because of the Pisa Tower. They saw a man fiddling with a sack with different size objects in it on a stone table next to the Pisa Tower. Lara stared hard at the man, "I could have sworn I saw that man somewhere, but I just can't figure out who he is....Wait a second that guy what's his name?..."

"Galileo!" shouted Terry.

The man stopped whatever he was doing and turned to see who was calling his name.

"What can I do for you stranger?" asked Galileo.

"Lara," whispered Donkey. "Do you think he'll know anything about the Stone?"

"I'm not sure"

Galileo looked at them for a while and said," Well if you don't need any help, I'll just go do some experiments up on the Tower," after he said that he entered the Pisa Tower and mounted up the stairs. Lara and her friends followed closely behind. There were a couple of guards patrolling around the Pisa Tower who prevented Lara and the team from getting inside. Galileo was already on top of the Tower conducting some experiments by dropping objects down from above.

"Lets clobber these foolish guards," said Lara.

"No, we don't want to cause any commotions, let us come back here later, "said Terry.

Garfield and Johnny were looking at an advertisement of  houses for rent. Since none of them had any bucks left in their pockets, they had no choice but to choose an old deserted cabin that was free. Lara took the ad paper and went with Terry and his 'translator machine' to ask the passerby of this old cabins location. Every time Lara showed the cabin picture to the people, they would just make a weird face at her and shook their heads to say no.

With no one to help them, the gang just journeyed around until Lara uses her binocular and spotted an old cabin exactly like the one in the picture in the middle of nowhere. Garfield, Johnny, Donkey, Lara, and Terry together, headed toward the cabin.

       It was an old cabin, but inside was pretty cozy. The cabin itself may have been a century old, but the furniture was still new. In addition to the cabin, there was an old windmill with a symbol carved on each blade of propeller. Everyone started off by brooming and dusting around. Finally, at about ten o'clock at night, the whole team gathered around the fireplace munching on some pasta Donkey found in the food cabinet. It wasn't fresh, but it had to do.

"Are you sure this is the same cabin as described in the picture? I mean according to the ad, the cabin is suppose to be surrounded by grass. Here it is surrounded by dirt!" said Terry.

Lara reached for the advertisement to check. She let out a gasp, "What? Hey where is the cabin picture? Did anyone accidentally tear a part of this ad?"

Johnny gasped, "NO! This is the right ad. The only ad we got."

Lara flipped the pages over but still the picture of the cabin they were staying in did not exist on the paper. "Weird, I'm telling you the cabin picture was on this paper," said Lara.

Garfield yawned and said lazily, "Whatever, this cabin might be a haunted cabin and something or someone wants us to come here so they put an illusion picture on the paper-"

Garfield stopped talking. Everyone stared at him. Lara slowly rose and spoke in a low clear tone," You know, Garfield might be right. That would explain why those people back there at the Pisa Tower were making weird faces as I asked the location of this cabin and showed the picture to them. They did not see the picture of the cabin. They thought I was crazy to show them a blank page. Something wants us here. And that something made sure that no one would know about this."

Everyone was turning pale. To make the situation worse, the storm started heading in. The storm electrified the windmill outside the cabin and made it stop turning. The windmill was the main power source of the cabin, so when it stopped turning, every heating stove and water turbine-powered lantern was cut. The whole cabin was dark, and Johnny began yelping, "AAHHH! Help! A ghost will appear now! NO! I'm too handsome to die!"

"Cut it out, everyone try to find a candle," said Lara.

Garfield went to the window sill to open a small box near it. The moment he looked outside the window he let out a wild scream, "EEEEEEkkk! Good grief! There is a bunch of headless horsemen headed toward our cabin!"

"WHAT?!" shouted everyone at the same time.

The storm turned into a strong gust. Everyone approached the window to see the so-called headless horsemen. But it was true. There they were galloping at full speed toward the cabin, waving axes, swords, and whips. Terry and Lara ran outside with their weapons. Johnny and the rest just freaked out inside holding pots and pans as weapons.

                  The odd thing was that, as soon as Lara and Terry were outside, the horsemen seem to have disappeared. "What-? Hey look the windmill started working again." said Lara. The whole cabin became warm and lighted up once more.

"That was queer," said Terry.

Suddenly, the lightning struck the windmill again, and this time, the fanning propeller part collapsed. Right after that everyone heard the hooves galloping again. They looked outside to find that the horsemen were back. "The windmill!" shouted Lara. "That must be whats controlling the horsemen, the moment it stop turning the horsemen appear, those symbols on the blade of propeller must mean something,"

Terry grabbed his batarangs and breathlessly said, "Well that is a point, but those headless ghouls are getting closer so we better do something now,"

"We have to fix the windmill!" screamed Donkey.

Johnny responded "Alright Lara and Terry will try to slow down those ghouls, Garfield and Donkey will fix the windmill, and I'll stay inside the house and scream like a little girl,"

"No, you three quickly grab that cloth and rope on the table and climb to the top of the mill and tie the propeller back again. Just make it turn. Terry and I will try to stop the horsemen," said Lara as she dragged Johnny out of the house.

Johnny, Garfield, and Donkey ran toward the windmill, while Lara and Terry ran toward the horsemen shooting and throwing every weapon possible. It did slow them down, but it did not stop them from coming. Johnny and the other two managed to tie the propeller back to the windmill again, and it began turning. Those ghouls just vanished in the thin air.

"Run to the Pisa Tower now, we can't seek help and refuge from here," said Terry.

"We can't run back for twenty miles!" shouted Garfield.

"Come on the windmill might fall off again any minute."

The whole team ran in the torrents of rain. Suddenly, an old man just pop up in the middle of the field and pointed to the right. It was the same old man back at the Pisa Tower who asked the riddle. Lara and her friends just followed his direction to the right, and reached apple trees with 2 horses resting under them. The apples on each tree has a picture of a Pisa Tower, a scale, and the headless horsemen carved on it. Everyone got on the horse. Lara sat with Garfield and Donkey, and Terry sat with annoying Johnny. The old man just disappeared in the mist.

"An apple a day keeps the horsemen away," said Donkey.

The horses ran on.

"And according to the picture carved on the apples, the way to get rid of them and get out of here is to find the scale stone-the Libra inside the Pisa Tower," said Lara.

The Pisa Tower was just ahead. And the horsemen appeared again, chasing after the team. The windmill must have broken down again. When they reached the entrance of the Pisa Tower, everyone just busted inside and ran to the top. The Libra stone shone in the center .They all ran toward it, grab it, and were zapped into the portal.


They didnt have to wait very long before reaching their next destination: Spain. The gang landed in modern Spain but not on just any day. On the day that they release the bulls on the street and run after them leading them to the stadium. The custom is that the first bull in is the bull they will put to fight against the Matador. During the rush to the stadium, the bulls are surrounded with people, some of them die because they either make the bull nervous or because they fall down and dont have time to get up again so they get stumbled on causing their death.

Garfield noticed that they had landed right in front of a green center field with bulls and that they were opening the gate which was right in front of them.

RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN : screamed Garfield in despair and everyone except Johnny got out of the way. He was still in Italy with his brain, Terry ran at full speed and got Johnny out of the way just in time since they had opened the gate. Bulls were all over the street and they were being hit with sticks to show them which way to go.

I dont mean to worry but how are we supposed to find the zodiac sign with all these bulls running around? asked Donkey. Good point Donkey, I guess well have to split up said Lara. Terry and Johnny were on the other side of the bulls so Lara screamed to tell them to go around on that side in search of the stone. She wasnt sure if Johnny understood but she was sure Terry did because he saluted her like an officer, grabbed Johnny and they started walking away from the bulls.

Garfield pointed at a sign which said Stadium in English and they decided to follow the bulls and check the stadium in search of the stone. They started following the people and the bulls and they would check the dead bulls for any clues.

In the meantime, Johnny and Terry had found lots of street signs with the Taurus on them but they pointed in every direction. At a certain point Johnny just fell to the ground, Terry sighed and went to help him up. While helping Johnny up, they both noticed a very ancient writing. Terry let go of Johnny which fell to the ground with a loud thump and started looking for a gadget of his. When he found it, the gadget said: The bull is the god of our people, it has helped us through hard times and it could help save cities. Terry knew one of them was Greensfield and he listened on: To get to our masters treasure, the precious stone, you must follow the path until you see the sun and moon in the same place. May the bull be with you. Johnny had just gotten up and asked where they were supposed to go, Terry pointed to a path leading towards the city and they both started walking to it.

While Terry and Johnny were following a path to no one knows where, Donkey had just found a Taurus sign on a dead bull. Lara checked the bull for any stones or clues but she didnt find anything. The bull run was over so they decided to head to the stadium so that after the match they could check if the bull had the stone.

They paid their seat and did all they could do, watch. The Matador seemed really scared of the bull and he would hide from it behind certain targets once in a while that way the bull would bang against food and get hurt.

How can they have fun watching the poor bull suffer? And the Matadors even die sometimes and laugh and make fun? That is just really savage - started Lara but she was cut off by Donkey who screamed Look Evil is in the stadium. Garfield and Lara both looked at the place Donkey was trying to point to.

Garfield: If Evil is hear it means that we are on the right track. She must be after the last zodiac sign to stop us from rescuing Hagar and her brother.

Lara: Youre pretty intelligent for a cat. If Evil is here, it means that Hourglass is in Spain as well. I hope Johnny & Terry dont run into him.

Donkey: She hasnt spotted us, maybe shes to distracted.

Lara: Shes been keeping her eyes on that bull for a while now. I think there is an inscription or something on the bull. Maybe even the stone, pass me my binoculars Garfield.

Garfield: Yes Maam

Lara pointed her binoculars at the bull and noticed a little writing on its side. Her binoculars were able to translate any language and this is what she read: If its my masters stone youre after, you are in the wrong place for my master has hidden it well. Only the smartest of people can find clues to the stone in this stadium. But be warned, not all clues are correct so choose your ways wisely. If you find clues anywhere else, be sure that you wont be cursed.

Evil looked really angry and she got out of the stadium. Lara looked around and saw two clues: If you are after the stone and are ready to proceed you have a choice between the following two ways:

1 Follow the bull back to its pasture after the end of the match and you will find further information there.

2 Open the door on the right of the main entrance of the stadium and trust your luck.

Well guys, what do you think? asked Lara.

Ill stay here and wait for the match to end then Ill follow the bull back to the gate and meet you there while you go check the door with Donkey. Its the best moment because everyone is concentrated on the bull fight said Garfield.

Lara and Donkey nodded and went to check the door. Lara picked the lock and Donkey took the first step in, even though he was scared to death.    

In the meantime Johnny and Terry were still following the path until they heard an evil laugh: Mwahahahaha.

They both turned and found Hourglass following them and he wasnt alone, he had asked another villain to help them. The one and only Peg leg Pete (from the Mickey Mouse comics). Pete was stupider than he looked and Terry knew that. You take Peg leg Pete and Ill take Hourglass, wait for my signal said Terry steady, steady NOW!!!

Johnny made a run for Pete but Johnny isnt exactly the smartest person in the world so he tripped and Pete started making fun of him. Terry on the contrary pinned Hourglass and they started fighting mano a mano (like the Spanish would say which means hand to hand). Johnny was tired of being laughed at, for once he really had fire burning in his eyes and he started hitting Pete with all his strength. To everyones surprised Johnny knocked Pete out and started tying him up with the rope Pete hoped to tie Johnny up. Then he sat on Pete and watched Terry & Hourglass struggle.

While all this was happening, Garfield noticed that at the end of the fight Evil stayed in the stadium surveying every angle of it. He followed the bulls back to the gate and noticed a writing, keeping his eye on it he waited for Donkey and Lara to arrive so that they could translate it and go on.

In the room Lara had opened, she was reading a writing on the wall which said: You have followed the wrong clue but the curse will work only for the second person that unlocks the door so leave now and go follow the right way.

We have to find a way to get Evil into this room - said Lara while they were locking the door but before she could finish her sentence Evil headed towards the door. They decided to stay and watch the curse that would befall on Evil. Suddenly the head screams and took a peek through the doorknob. Mummies were rising from the ground and they tied her in chains that not even the most powerful sorceress could open and they took turns kissing her, each time sucking a little more life out of her. Since she was immortal she didnt feel dead but tired and thats when Lara and Donkey headed towards the gate.

Garfield made Lara translate and she read: If you have come this far without being curse, you will make it to the end. All you have to do is follow the path until you meet the sun and the moon in the same place.

Thats impossible hissed Garfield, how are we supposed to meet the sun and moon in the same place?

I guess the only way to find out is by following the path answered Lara.

I sure hope Terry and Johnny are ok said Donkey. And they headed on their way.

Terry had finally taken over control and he held Hourglass while Johnny tied him up with real tight knots. After they had finished tying him up, they threw him on Pete and noticed Lara, Garfield and Donkey coming up the path.

Thank goodness you two are ok, we were all worried said Donkey.

All of you? said Terry, giving Lara a big smile.

Each of the them explain what had happened to them during the quest of the stone while they were still walking up the path. At a certain point Garfield stopped, Johnny stumbled over him and everyone else asked Garfield why he stopped.

There it is he said pointing.

Everyone looked up and they saw a tree shaped like the moon with the sun shining right behind it. They followed the shadow of the moon till a meadow and they started digging.

Suddenly Garfield screamed EUREKA I found it, I found it. They heard a voice that said: Congratulations, you have found the masters stone without being cursed. Im sure he would be very proud of the job you have done. Good luck and may you have a safe journey to your next destination.  After having heard the words they all grabbed hold of the stone and before they knew it they were back in Greensfield.